Thanos possibly in Thor 2?

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I know everyone has speculated it already but then this image was shown on the Phase one box set.

Could this be Thanos come for the Gauntlet?

#2 Posted by BlackReaper (601 posts) - - Show Bio

I think they're just basing it around the Cosmic Cube for now.

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It would certainly be interesting.

#4 Edited by Z3RO180 (7856 posts) - - Show Bio

Why does it feel like half of thor 2 has been leaked ?

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They said Thanos would appear in Guardians of the Universe(live action movie) and Avengers 2

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If that's true, then maybe Odin will have to fight Thanos.

#7 Posted by New_World_Order (13893 posts) - - Show Bio

Would be cool.

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