Spirit Of The Jewel

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in the old thor series when took over the world loki imprisoned thor girl due to the fact that she was starting to evolve into something that was beyond asguardian she was turning into the Spirit Of The Jewel.

even though she changed into this during a different time line... she can still evolve into this as a matter of fact on a new part of fear itself...

shes becoming something shes evolving again i think shes evolving into the spirit of the the jewel

if she does what does this mean for the pantheons? such as Zeus , odin osiris? the spirts power far exceeds those of a sky father how do i know this? because in the older series the spirt of the jewel created a servent named desak. Desak was immune to ALL god like powers thats why hes known as a god slayer odin force thor using his full power couldn't damage using his power.

NOW if she can created such a powerful God killing subordinate what power does she wield herself? shes turning into that spirit again so what does those mean for the various pantheons?

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the spirit of the jewel was only part of Tarene in that series. she herself still exsisted and was in a coffin that odin ususally uses when in the Odin sleep. and neither her nor Desak in the destroyer were more powerful than king Thor. however Tarene's power was stated it would have continued to grow till it was beyond any of the gods. Tarne before she drained her designate powers before was comparable to Odin.

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@Thor's hammmer: if your read the new fear itself youth revolt she turned into the designate with godlike ability im not sure if she odin level but my prediction did indeed come true read Fear Itself Youth In Revolt 6 of 6

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