Simonson and/or Straczynski or...?

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I was mucking about with the collection today when I started flipping through the old "The Mighty Thor" from the 1980s'. Walt Simonson's run.

From the hard-core Thor fans I have spoken to, Simonson's run is considered the quintessential Thor run for his characterizations, his storytelling, his research into Norse myth and his ability to blend the Midgard and Asgard halves of Thors life so well. As this was the only Thor run I had read, I had to agree.

I confess, being more of an X-Freak, I did not get back into Thor until just recently when they started the new title with J.Michael Straczynski. While his pacing is slow, he too seems to be able to blend Earth and Asgard elements well (granted, he has a much easier time of it with Asgard floating a couple hundred feet off Oklahoma than Simonson did), and he has gotten very metaphysical with the storylines at the moment, but I am getting a similar "vibe" that I did back in the 1980's. I especially like the fact that JMS seems to be making a call for heroes to get back to being heroes.

Do any Thor fans have any opinions on the two runs or want to recommend other's writers runs on Thor?

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JMS is an awesome writer unless Joe Q is ordering him to mess up Spidey. Other than that he is great.

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I absolutely love JMS's Thor. The last issue (#9) was amazing! Loki is even creepier now, and setting up Balder like that is great! I'm also liking Kelda's little romance. Straczynski is doing such a great job, I hope they keep him on this project for a long time, and I hope he enjoys what he's doing, because I know I've been enjoying reading it!

#4 Posted by darth_fletcher (262 posts) - - Show Bio

the new series has been great, gotta admit that i prefer dan jurgens run better though.

#5 Posted by Fresh Prince (5226 posts) - - Show Bio
Straczynski. The current Thor series is my favorite from all of Thor's other ones.
#6 Posted by darth_fletcher (262 posts) - - Show Bio

i prefer his costume to any of the older ones hes ware.

#7 Posted by Fresh Prince (5226 posts) - - Show Bio
darth_fletcher said:
"i prefer his costume to any of the older ones hes ware."
same here
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Walt Simonson's '80s run is the quintessential Thor run.  I also find the entire Eternals/Celestial epic written by Roy Thomas and pencilled by Keith Pollard to be quite compelling. 
This story, which culminated in Thor #300 (1980), was a time-spanning epic that really demonstrated Thor's nobility and power.  The characteriztion and art are great.  I might even prefer Pollards take on thor to Simonson's.  I go back and forth on that one.  Check this one out, but keep in mind this was before the annual epic storyline became the norm.  This story comes after the Thanos epic, the Kree-Skrull War and the Korvac saga, yet pre-dates Secrect Wars.  IMO it holds up well.
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JMS's Thor is definitely the most accessible to new Thor readers. At least it was for me, the Asgard mythos and stories seemed almost as vast as the rest of the Marvel Universe, much like the Cosmic Marvel Universe. JMS's run establishes each of the major Asgardian god's well, at least for me who knew nothing before hand, and I think that will help it age well. However I really have to check out Walt Simonson's run to see how epic it is now that I have a better sense of Thor's world.

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I agree with a lot of what PowerHerc says. Simonson and Thomas' works are the best on Thor.  
JMS has been doing great things for the Thor book, but not so great things for Thor himself. He increased sales by making the book more accessible, but started turning back time on Thor himself. Loki finally saw some much-needed character development and this is probably why I would recommend Thor v3 to anyone. It tells the same old story of what Loki does better than ever and it gives us even more insight into the character. The kind we haven't seen since Defalco and Frenz were on him. All things considered, JMS' run adds almost nothing to Thor as a character. I would not say that V3 is essential to him in any way other than getting up to date. It does not compare to Jurgens and Oemings "recent" work.

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J. Michael Straczynski

I don't read Marvel. However, I red his Thor, because of a lot of people where saying Thor can do this, Thor can do that. So I took the initiative and red them myself. JMS can make you like that character!
Good luck to him for Superman! I'll be reading. And hoping he does as good as he did with his Thor run.
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dan jurgens storylines 'spiral, the reigning and gods and men' are fantastic and possibly the best thor stories ive ever read !!!

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