Question about the God of thunder cover?

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So marvel has said GOT will have thor team up with his past and future self to defeat a god killer. So the first cover showa us present thor and the second shows us past thor but there has not been any news of a third so far but i was looking at the covers joined to gether and what i thought was odin in the centre could actually be futre thor.So looking at the picture below what do you think could this be future thor or just odin? (also the costume has grown on me and looks pretty badass)

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Future Thor is going to be the King of asgard but that really looks like it's Odin.

#3 Posted by Z3RO180 (7572 posts) - - Show Bio

@Thor's hammmer: after makeing this thread i relized tat it was thor not odin.

#4 Posted by Selinaky (692 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought about that as well, but assumed it was Odin because of the one eye. Is it Thor?

I also like the outfits, can't wait to read it.

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@Selinaky: i was looking at the picture after i made this thread and realized it was thor. The helmet looks the same but with little horns and hanging oer his left shoulder is his cape like the way past thor has it and the biggist lue was the eye patch osin has it over his right eye and this dude has it over his left eye.

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