Protect Asgard As Thor In "Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue" Video Game

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Long before the days of console games people played pinball for laughs. Remember what that was like? If you loved playing pinball and love reading comics (why else would you be here?) then you'll be happy to hear that Marvel and Zen Studios have collaborated to launch "Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue" which will be available for download on X-Box LIVE and the Playstation Network next week. The companies previously revealed three of the "tables" for the game; each featuring a different Marvel character or concept.

The previously revealed tables include Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and the X-Men and earlier today, the final table was unveiled in a press release to feature Thor. The Thor table will allow you to play as Thor who must protect Asgard from the impending threats like the Frost Giants, Surtur the fire wielding demon of Muspelheim, the Destroyer and last but not least, Thor's mischievous brother Loki. The game will be made available for download on December 13th on PSN and December 14th on X-Box LIVE. What do you think of the gameplay trailer above? What do you think of playing pinball on your game console?

Source: ZEN Studios

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I would rather play an actual pinball of Thor. :P

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Pretty Cool

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@The Impersonator said:

I would rather play an actual pinball of Thor. :P

Ha Ha! I didn't want to be the one to say it but I agree. Regardless I imagine this could be a lot of fun, something different.

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I thought this was a lame Idea at first, but after watching the video, maybe it wont be...I'm up in the air on it still. I hope its not like some story line your playing pinball too. That would be hilarious but not cool. Hard to say.

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I've never really been into pinball. I did watch the Quick Looks on Giant Bomb that had some of these Marvel pinball games. When I hear comics and video games. I prefer to think about games such as Arkham City.

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I think I like the simulated play they show on the clip more than what the real game might be. But if they ever have it at an arcade I go to sometime, sure I'll give it a shot!

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And if you're a PlayStation Plus member, you get Marvel Pinball for free when it comes out, which means I'll definitely check it out!

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uh..... yay??! O.o

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