Population of Asgard

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Hey Thor fans, just a quick question: does anyone know how many people live in Asgard? Are there civilians who are not immortal god like beings who live there?  
All versions of Asgard if you please, movie, standard marvel universe and ultimate uni.  

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Theoretically there should be no civilian gods except for maybe children. Civilians have been dipicted though so not sure among Asgardians. Also the Eijenhar(spelling) who are the honored dead in Valhalla live there and fight for Asgard in time of need.

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like 500

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Never actually thought about this. Now I wonder.

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It has never been clarified. Based on the size the city is drawn is it anywhere from the tens of thousands to millions. Many older stories included settlements outside the city where people lived that were associated with Asgard.

Modern wise comics I would say in the lower ten thousands. The city is not that large and most of the population is stacked on each other.

Ultimate Universe would be about the same.

Barring creatures from other realms I would say most of the population are immortal Asgardians. Writers often shift between the Asgardians being true gods in the religious sense to being a race of godlike beings that use magic. Therefore some stories show Asgard being basically the same as Dungeons and Dragons with markets, bars, etc. Everything you would expect from an Earth society of that time period.

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I always thought something like 2000. That was the size of my class back in high school and it didn't seem that big.


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