#1 Posted by VIZION2011 (1675 posts) - - Show Bio for the longest time I have been Marvel's biggest fan and worst critic,"in regards to there movies", I hated Spiderman,all the x-mens,fantastic four,dare devil and any other marvels movies was just epic trash to me,"well except for iron man 2". But know I am happy to say I can have a big slice of humble pie!!!!, Thor is good, no its not good its freaking oooozzzz's epic summer movie blockbuster. I would even go as far as to say its better then the superman's franchise and yes even better then Batman returns,"YEAH I SAID IT BETTER THEN BATMAN RETURNS... HELL AND THE DARK NIGHT!!!!. Chris Hemsworth was Thor, and I don't mean he portrayed Thor this guy was born to be Thor, and Idris Elba was awesome, he made a small roll a very Huge and significant one and he will put everyone that had issue's about race to shame. Even the CGI was very good, I gotta give it to Marvel they are going all out I'm really looking forward to DC's Green Lantern even though its going to be mostly CGI. If you haven't seen Thor, GO!!!! its worth every penny and to see asgard so beautifully made is awesome, I wondered my whole life how asgard and the rainbow bridge would like and I finally got to see it. :-D


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I thought it was excellent, as well! I saw it a while ago and blogged about it, it just blew me away!
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To be honest I was expecting to rip this movie a new one, I never expected this moovie to be so good and its just as visulay striking as avatar.

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