New to Thor, Where to Start?

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I'm very new to comics, and I loved the Thor movie. Consequently, I wanted to check out the best Thor stories. I've heard that Simonson's run is amazing, so I was thinking about picking up the Omnibus for it. Any other recommendations?

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I got into Thor when it relaunched with Straczynski and Coipel and i've been reading it religiously since. After going through some of the back catalogue I'd suggest using Thor vol.1 (2008) as a starting point.

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I would recommend J. Michael Straczynski, Olivier Coipel and Marko Djurdjević's Thor run. It relaunched Thor and did so with critical acclaim and success with old time Thor fans and new Thor fans alike. These stories are collected in three trade paper backs/graphic novels, so its pretty compact story run as well. It was actually the success of these comics that forged the way for a Thor movie. This is where he gets his new look, as well as has as characterization updated and refined    

J. Michael Straczynski 
Also I would recommend Avengers Thor Disassembled as well. Its also in a collected edition. It was the end story arc of last Thor volume before it got relaunched, so it is chronologically placed before the above recommendation, its just a very fun and cool Thor story. Its a faster pace than the above story and it deals with Ragnarok, and the art is pretty and it has lots of cameos from lots of Marvel and Thor related characters.  
Good luck and always feel free to ask more questions or such. Oh and definitely definitely good choice with the Simonson Omnibus.          
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F-that. Read 70's and 80's Thor. Anything else is doesn't compare.

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This is your answer:

@OmegaRed86 said:

F-that. Read 70's and 80's Thor. Anything else is doesn't compare.

Classic Thor FTW.

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First Thor comic I bought was the Marvel Platinum Definitive Thor, and that was informative and helpful.

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@The_Thunderer: Cool.

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