Myth Bust: Superman is not faster than Thor

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Myth Bust: Superman is not faster than Thor.

Thor is as OP if not more OP then superman. The difference is, Marvel writers don't write him to his fill potential, or simply use great amounts of Plot induced stupidity to downplay his powers. Also asgardian law prevents him from using his full strength on opponents who weaker than he, he is only allowed to use full power on foes of equal status(power wise). the law Greatly restricts him. It's marvel's excuse to justify downplaying his power.

  • Thor has unlimited strength. Its not incalculable. Its unlimited. Superman has the potential to have unlimited strength, but it is dependent on the sun.
  • Thor can move at extreme speeds. Thor can fly to the sun in a matter of minutes. He can throw Mjolnir at the speed of light and also swing Mjolnir at TWICE the speed of light with his powers reduced in half(so how fast are his punches?). It has been established that the speed of Thor’s hammer transcends both Time & Space. In addition, Thor can appear anywhere across the Universe or other dimensions in just seconds . Thor could visually detect objects that move at fantastic speeds (this happened when Thor was the target of artillery fire and when he saw the speedy Hermes). Superman is not faster than Thor
  • Thor has centuries of military combat experience. As a god of war he know every ancient Norse martial art and can instantly master any Martial Art he chooses.
  • Thor is magic

There is not on clear advantage superman has on thor. Thor is also of genius intellect, but writers do not depict him as such due to Plot induced stupidity. Thor in actuality is one of the greatest military strategist in the history of the universe, and his human host, Donald Blake is a genius level doctor.

Guys, I can't respond because new posters have a 5 post per day limit. not because I refuse to argue my points

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Thor is the greatest military strategist in the history of the universe?

Donald Blake is a genius level doctor?

Great claims need great scans.

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Dude just stop your an angry fan and this is obviously a superman hate blog.

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Superman is faster. Move on.

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Also Thor is not a god of war yes he is a warrior but he is not a god of war. Plus he himself is not magic his hammer has magic which Thor uses. Read up on the character before you start bitching about a pointless subject.

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I see opinions, but no proof, and thus, no facts.

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@KnightRise said:

Superman is faster. Move on.

Pretty much this. Look at some Superman comics - he does indeed have superspeed. Its a power that he fairly regularly uses.

Thor can fly fast but he has pretty much nothing in terms of Superman style reflex feats etc.

Thor doesnt have anything to indicate he has unlimited strength either.

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@Agent9149 said:

Thor is the greatest military strategist in the history of the universe?

Donald Blake is a genius level doctor?

Great claims need great scans.

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Superman flew from Pluto to Earth in slightly less time than it took to teleport between the two points.

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Ha Ha best worst argument for this topic I've seen so far.

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Meh, my own argument is different, I'll copy and paste it from another thread - Well I actually disagree to the notion Superman has superior speed. Superman has consistently better speed feats, because Superman has deus ex machina speed, same as Thor. So why would Superman end up with better speed feats if they both have the same supposed speed level? Superman often goes up against more characters with super speed and so its a reaction to that. Superman has more inconsistency with his own speed, Superman has higher consistency with higher speed feats, those who think absence of evidence is evidence of absence aka feats is the only or best way to know characters justify this as Superman demonstrating superior speed! When its not really. As is the case with fictional characters, with multiple writers and editors set in different independent fictional Universes with radically different structures and ideas of how to make money, there is no easy answer to objective measurements.

This is also why Martian Manhunter and Superman, and Thor and Silver Surfer and Hulk and Gladiator and Hyperion and Blue Marvel, when they all fight the difference in speed is pretty much negligible. This is why many comic book writers will say such differences are negligible when pitting such characters against each other. The writer argument doesn't pan out because its not a mutually exclusive argument and it can be applied to any and all fictional characters.

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@SC: Perhaps in terms of travel speed Thor may be faster (don't know whether he's beaten the Sacrifice Sun feat) but his combat speed and reactions are practically street level in all honesty compared to Superman's. I'd even say the Hulk has better reaction feats than Thor for the most part.

@TrueMarvel: I see you haven't responded to any posts that basically defeat your argument. At least you know when you're beaten ;)

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@Pyrogram:@Z3RO180 said:

Also Thor is not a god of war yes he is a warrior but he is not a god of war. Plus he himself is not magic his hammer has magic which Thor uses. Read up on the character before you start bitching about a pointless subject.

Eighty days fighting. He may have killed at least millions of enemies on this battle. He Is no God of War, nor does he need Mjolnir to use his power as you can see here:

No disrespect intended here. I agree things should'nt be said unless it can be proven through scans or other means. I also would never state something about a character unless I could prove it someway. And some have more knowledge about certain character than others. I'm still learning about alot of characters but this Ihave a little knowledge about him and wanted to correct your assumtion about his power and how it works through a random scan. I also feel that this isn't a Superman bash thread but an opportunity for fans of Thor to post scans and info to support the thread. No need to play angry here. @TrueMarvel: Post the scans to support your theory other wise it will be considered a rant,which we all do here, at times

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@evilvegeta74 don't worry about it. When I said thor isn't magic that he gets it from his hammer I was referring to all the stuff like teleporting flying etc

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@Z3RO180 said:

@evilvegeta74 don't worry about it. When I said thor isn't magic that he gets it from his hammer I was referring to all the stuff like teleporting flying etc

My apology, I also should have mentioned to the Op that there are a lot of threads about Thors speed and the fact that he should have went there first, before doing this thread. We all know Superman is faster,fast enough for Thor to not react no, but definately faster yes.

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Superman is faster...I think some people need to stop fanboying...I am the biggest Thor fanboy and I can admit it..

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@Pyrogram said:

Superman is faster...I think some people need to stop fanboying...I am the biggest Thor fanboy and I can admit it..

This. Thank you I say the same thing a lot

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Superman is faster and stronger just get over it.

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Originally posted by

The consensus seems to be that Thor's greatest feat of pure physical strength occurred when he used a mystical fishing pole to break the Midgard Serpent's grip on Earth and lift its full weight off of the planet and into space. The serpent itself has the exact same weight as Earth which, being measured at 6.6 sextillion tons, is almost incalculably high. There seem to be, however, two important factors that are being overlooked that will make this feat, once discovered, even more impressive and hopefully end the longest running debate of is Thor or Hulk physically stronger?

Now it may seem to irrational to compare the constricting strength of a mystical creature like the Midgard Serpent to that of an Anaconda, but bear with me here. An Anaconda weighing 550 pounds was measured as exerting over 90 pounds per square inch of force during an act of constriction, this equals a total force of over 8,818 pounds, or roughly, 16 times its bodyweight.

Now when we factor in that the Midgard Serpent was in fact exerting an additional sixteen times its weight in resistance due to being coiled around the earth at the time Thor hoisted it off, that would mean that the God of Thunder exerted enough strength to break over 105.4 sextillion tons of force!

The second factor that is often overlooked is the positioning of Thor's body and the method he is using to lift. As an avid fisherman, I have experienced a vast difference in difficulty when using two different methods in removing fish from water. The first, being the easiest, is crouching down right at the water's surface and hoisting the fish out by it's mouth from a good mechanical position of leverage using the elbow joint and the powerful bicep muscle. The second, and far noticeably harder method is to merely hoist the fish out of the water with the pole itself; suddenly a five pound fish feels like it gains a hundred pounds! The further the weight is away from the center mass of your body; the harder it will be to lift; the fact that Thor had to lift this much weight by the end of a pole is virtually unfathomable. Imagine how much more force Thor could exert if he were acting in a natural plane of movement; say a pressing motion either horizontal or vertical?

The point here is that Thor's strength, at least in the moment he lifted the Serpent, should be placed on level with Superman and nowhere should the assertion ever try to be made that the Hulk has ever duplicated such an extraordinary feat of physical power from an awkward and disadvantaged position. A 150 billion ton mountain may be impressive, for a mortal, but there's a reason why the Hulk isn't and should never be on the level of an immortal being who is lifting in the sextillion range. Case closed.

Though this does pretain to a hulk vs thor type thread, I think it reinforces my point to some extent.

Superman has of coursed moved the earth.

But let us take in mind his position. Superman is NOT using his arms to accomplish this. He is using his entire body. And hes flying as well. This is not a feat of PURE strength. Its the same thing as squatting vs bench press.

Superman has more feats of speed than thor. but that does not mean he is faster. Superman took a matter of minutes to fly to the sun, but we must also take into account that superman gets stronger the closer he gets to it. his speed would countinuly increase. Using such a measurement is invalid considering when he is trying to attack thor, the distance to the sun should stay the same.

Here is a feat of thor accomplishing the same feat without the "sun steroids":

Even if superman by some chance is faster. The speed difference would be minimal.

Also, someone earlier said Thor isn't magic... How is a god not magic? Please explain.

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Original posted by

Here's a scan that happens just prior to the blitzing of Galactus from "Fear Itself" as posted above by (TheGoldenOne)

Although there is no way to determine the exact speed Thor or SS would be traveling at ...

they are obviously in a speed blitz, with their minds and perception working at an accelerated pace.

What might be worth noting, is that Silver Surfer is well known as one of the fastest heroes in Marvel.

Not only in reflex and travel speed, but in his ability to percieve multiple times the speed of light.

Yet Thor is able to juke Surfer, change course, and break away towards his intended target before Surfer can react or intercept him.

Just for fun, to go along with the Thor SS headbutt scan, I thought I'd also toss in a scan showing how the "Old Man" throws down as well.

Cosmic Headbutts for everyone!!!

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@Lvenger said:

@SC: Perhaps in terms of travel speed Thor may be faster (don't know whether he's beaten the Sacrifice Sun feat) but his combat speed and reactions are practically street level in all honesty compared to Superman's. I'd even say the Hulk has better reaction feats than Thor for the most part.

Hello **waves out** I am not sure what part of my post you are addressing exactly? I never asserted Thor was faster than Superman, I asserted the nature of making such comparisons between fictional characters and how they are portrayed and the failures of argument from ignorance. Superman and Thor are fictional characters, heh Superman couldn't even fly when he was first introduced, but the nature of the character is that over time he has experienced power fluctuations to best match how his owners and writers and fans wish to have him portrayed. This applies to all characters, its why Thing started out lifting an impossible five tons before being capable and consistently lifting upwards of 100 tons. Whose stronger the fictional character whose strength can change to anything or the fictional character whose strength can change to anything? I also explained why Thor can be portrayed as having street level speed. Hell Galactus is usually portrayed with street level speed, speed is one of the most inconsistent and hardest aspects of comics to be presented consistently.

I haven't sat with a stopwatch and timed Hulk and Thor, from my reading of both, both seem in the same category, typical of strong, durable Earth based characters who are pretty popular and regularly fight against a wide selection of Marvel characters (from Gladiator and Sentry, to Quicksilver and Iron Man, to Wolverine and etc etc) and both who have a few random objective speed feats which are still usually inconsistent as far as their entire history. It fits well with their character type and overall context.

Hope that makes sense.

@Pyrogram said:

Superman is faster...I think some people need to stop fanboying...I am the biggest Thor fanboy and I can admit it..

Well, I am a Thor fan, and a Superman fan, and a comics fan, and a fiction fan, and a fan of speed and physics and creative writing and the history of comics, and a fan of psychology, and conformity/deviation, and logic, and reason and a fan of debating and arguing and discussion and so on. If one is searching for truth and accuracy when asking a question, one can always remember that you don't actually have to just assert a positive or negative. Depends and or etc can work well too. Bias is not a good thing, I agree but minimizing it and running contrary to it are two different things as well. ^_^

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@SC: Well you battered me =/

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@Pyrogram said:

@SC: Well you battered me =/

Oops, my bad, I was agreeing more kinda? Heh heh **red**

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@SC: In that case, yey :)

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@Pyrogram said:

Superman is faster...I think some people need to stop fanboying...I am the biggest Thor fanboy and I can admit it..

Wanna bet, It's me! lol

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@SC: I hear you!

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Deus ex Machina

"Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating."Emma Coats

A Deus Ex Machina is when some new event, character, ability, or object solves a seemingly unsolvable problem in a sudden, unexpected way. If the secret documents are in Russian, one of the spies suddenly reveals that they learned the language. If the writers have just lost funding, a millionaire suddenly arrives, announces an interest in their movie, and offers all the finances they need to make it. If The Hero is dangling at the edge of a cliff with a villain stepping on his fingers, a flying robot suddenly appears to save him.The term is Latin for god out of the machine (pronunciation: Day-oos eks MAH-kee-nah) and has its origins in ancient Greek theater. It referred to scenes in which a crane (machine) was used to lower actors or statues playing a god or gods (deus) onto the stage to set things right, often near the end of the play.Note that there are a number of requirements for a sudden plot development to be a Deus ex Machina:

  1. Deus ex Machina are solutions. They are never unexpected developments that make things worse, nor sudden twists that only change the understanding of a story.
  2. Deus ex Machina are sudden or unexpected. This means that even if they are featured or referenced earlier in the story, they do not change the course of nor appear to be a viable solution to the plotline they eventually "solve".
  3. The problem a Deus ex Machina fixes must be portrayed as unsolvable or hopeless. If the problem could be solved with a bit of common sense or other type of simple intervention, the solution is not a Deus ex Machina no matter how unexpected it may seem.

Though the concept was used most often in ancient Greece, it eventually came back into vogue during the early years of the film industry thanks to the Hays Code. Villains, and anyone else who didn't toe the moral line, were absolutely not allowed to get away with their crimes. But as everyone knows, more often than not The Villain Makes the Plot and Evil Is Cool. The solution was to let the bad guy be awesome for the duration of the movie, then drop a bridge on them in the last five minutes.Remember, even the dreaded Deus ex Machina - perhaps the most notorious of tropes among readers - can be pulled off. Sudden resolutions are perfectly capable of leading to satisfying conclusions - see the entire "Rule Of X" series of tropes: Rule Of Cool, Rule of Cute, Rule of Empathy, Rule of Fun, Rule of Funny, Rule of Romantic, Rule of Scary, Rule of Sexy (for those ever-so-fun Deus Sex Machinas), Rule of Symbolism, and especiallyRule of Drama.Apparent Deus ex Machina also happen plenty in real life, given reality is far more complex and random than most fictionalized versions of it.The Reset Button often depends on Deus ex Machina. See also Diabolus ex Machina, where a seemingly happy outcome is suddenly destroyed by the appearance of an outside force. Often overlaps withCoincidental Broadcast, You Didn't Ask, and Eureka Moment. Sometimes leads to Gainax Endings. Also consider Suspiciously Specific Sermon for Deus ex Machinas that are actually religiously related.Not to be confused with making ourselves godsthrough the application of technology, that's a form of The Singularity, or gods that literally come out of machines, that's Deus Est Machina. Also not to be confused with the cult PC video game classic Deus Ex, itssequels, the giant robot manga series Deus Ex Machina, or the Brian K Vaughan comic book series Ex Machina.Warning: Ending SPOILERS below.Also, please make sure you have read the above criteria BEFORE submitting an entry. This is a not a place to Complain About Plot Twists You Don't Like.


open/close all folders

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Lampshaded word for word in the Spider-Man comic "Reign", where an old-ified Spidey is saved from the now-registered-heroes Sinister Six, having been sicced on him by Venom in the first place (LONG story, and It Makes Sense in Context), by the disembodied tentacles of the long-dead Doctor Octopus.
  • The Marvel Character, The Sentry, is so powerful (he had to create a nemesis from his own being in order to counter balance his abilities), that formal story arcs are no longer written about him. Instead, he is used as a "hero" ex machina, bursting in at the critical moment to save other Marvel characters. He is brilliant in that he is an in universe hero, who some would argue is expected to be there to save the day.
  • Batmanoften solves situations by just happening to have a gadget on hand.
    • "Hand me down the shark repellent Bat-Spray!"
    • On the TV series, anti-[fill-in-the-blank] pills were commonplace, including Anti-Penguin-Gas (taken before attending a town hall meeting held by The Penguin) and Anti-Hypnosis (to block the effect of The Joker's hypnotic music box) pills.
    • Back when he killed people, Batman once confronted a Doctor Doom (No, not thatone) who threw a grenade at him. Batman then shields his and Robin's body with...this. It's not even a frickin'gadget!
  • Tintin was saved many, many times by a Deus Ex Machina. To the point where he really should look into playing the lottery.
    • Tintin In America alone must have set some kind of record:
      • Tintin is dropped into a room full of toxic gas, collapses and is thrown in the lake: The Mooks accidentally used knockout gas. The cold water woke Tintin up.
      • Tintin and Snowy fall off a cliff: he falls on a branch sturdy enough to support his and Snowy's weight yet capable of breaking their fall. Said branch is also conveniently next to an opening on the cliff face that leads to a cave to the surface.
      • Tintin is Chained to a Railway: he is saved when a passenger on the oncoming train pulls the emergency brake for a completely frivolous reason. As the newspaper headlines put it: "MIRACULOUS ESCAPE!"
      • The Dragon uses explosives to create an avalanche on the cliff Tintin is climbing: he finds a depression in the cliff to take cover in. This one is a bit milder, but a few pages later:
      • Tintin is dropped into an industrial meat grinder: the oblivious factory workers go on strike and stop the machines at that precise moment.
      • Tintin has weights tied to his feet and is thrown in the lake: the weights were inexplicably switched with wooden hollow weights used by a random fraudulent strong man act.
      • Taken to new heights in Flight 714 where after a dastardly hijack-revenge plot, Tintin and Co. are saved by little telepathic space men, of all things.
    • This is probably a good time to point out that serials like Tintin often use deus ex machina because nearly every installment ends with a cliffhanger meant to keep the readers interested in the story. Too keep the plot going, these moments of tension need to be resolved quickly.
  • The Flemish comic series Spike And Suzy has as one of the main characters Jethro, an unbeatable modernized cave-man. He often drops in at the end of the adventure, often literally ex machina, being dropped off by a plane or by some kind of Applied Phlebotinum to solve the situation the heroes are stuck in.
  • The Sam And Max Freelance Police comics by Steve Purcell have had the titular characters narrowly avoiding death using Deus Ex Machina on several occasions for comedic effect. In the very first story, Max is saved from ritual sacrifice when the guy holding the dagger spontaneously combusts.
    • And don't forget Sergeant Blip and the Rubber Pants Commandos, they are almost a Deus Ex Machina incarnated; they only appear to save Sam & Max of whathever. Almost every time without an explanation.
      • Taken to the extreme in the Hit the Road comic that the Lucasarts game was based on. Sam and Max narrowly avoid being dunked in scalding hot wax by nefarious pirates by Ratso, Sam and Max' octopus pal.
  • Brutally and hilariously parodied in the third volume of Scott Pilgrim (even more hilarious when you realize it was actually a Chekhov's Gun):
    Scott Pilgrim - "I can't even get near him! I need some kind of... like... last minute, poorly-set-up Deus Ex Machina!!"
    Vegan Policeman (to the villain) - "FREEZE! Vegan police. You were caught eating gelato this morning."
  • Utterly lampshaded in Fables spinoff Jack of Fables, whose characters include the Literals, Anthropomorphic Personifications of literary devices. Just as Jack is about to be killed by the Knife-Johns with no apparent way out, Dex - the AP of the Deus Ex Machina - turns up out of nowhere and proclaims that the Knife-Johns all unexpectedly died of instant pneumonia. Which they do. Just to rub it in, he's accompanied by the AP of the Fourth Wall who's been narrating the story.
    • Lampshaded again in the Great Fables Crossover by Science Fiction, the AP of the science fiction genre, who proclaims that the Fables would be wiped out by a surprise legion of Nebularian attack cruisers, because otherwise, how would they win at the end? Dex also makes an appearance to mock the trope, popping up several times throughout the story to inform anyone who will listen that he won't do anything yet, and only showing up to save the day when it was decided that it was impossible to permanently stop the Big Bad.
  • In the "Caged Angels" arc of Thunderbolts, a group of telepaths mange to infiltrate Thunderbolts Mountain and wreak havoc by mentally controlling the team. The telepaths are finally defeated when Bullseye (who was critically injured in the previous arc and hadn't shown up at all for several issues) wakes up in the hospital and randomly decides to do target practice in the holding cells.
    • On top of which, for some sudden handwaved reason, said telepaths couldn't control his mind. Note that Bullseye is Badass Normal and until then did not have any kind of immunity from Psychic Powers.
      • Possibly explained due to the fact many of Bullseye's bones including spine and skull are reinforced with strips of adamantium (think a lesser version of Wolverine's procedure). This could account for the immunity.
      • If Wolverine isn't immune to Psychic Powers when he has an adamantium skull, then Bullseye shouldn't be either.
  • In a certain The Creeper story Ryder's psyche gets unbalanced which releases Creeper as a separate creature and several other Creeper-like monsters to plague the city and this problem is suddenly resolved when due to some sort of metaparadox a god-like giant Creeper from different time and planet emerges from the original Creeper and collects all escaped monsters. He stores them inside the Creeper again and makes Ryder and Creeper shake hands and make up their internal fight.
  • Superman builds a literal Machina with the Miracle Machine in Final Crisis.
  • Referred to in Watchmen, even though it never actually happens. Dr. Manhattan even provides the translation.
    Dr Manhattan: Now, I believe we have a conversation scheduled.
    Laurie: God, Yes. Yes, I was just thinking... But Jon, how did you know? I need to see you, you appear... I mean, it's all so Deus Ex Machina...
    Dr Manhattan: "The God out of the machine." Yes. Yes, I suppose it is...
  • In an early story in the Marvel Transformers Generation 1 comic, all the Autobots but Ratchet have been killed by Shockwave, who has gone on to seize command of the Decepticons. Megatron has found Ratchet and is just about to destroy him when Shockwave sends a message ordering him to drop what he's doing and bring him Optimus Prime's head. This gives Ratchet just enough time to offer Megatron a deal...
  • Done absolutely straight in an issue of Namor. He died, and Poseidon came out of nowhere and brought him back to life. Rather than hiding this issue away, they slapped a special holographix cover on it to bring in new readers.
  • The Powerpuff Girls #18: When Bubbles misses her cue in a battle routine against a monster caterpillar because she's protecting a butterfly from getting its wings wet, Townsville comes down on her for it. But later, the caterpillar becomes a monster butterfly and after beating the bejeezus out of Blossom and Buttercup, Bubbles zooms in and defeats the monster by getting its wings wet and it explodes.
  • Justified by the Time Travel plot in Universal War One: the heroes are saved by invincible warriors coming from a civilization they will create in the past. It is one of the very few examples of a plot-relevant deus ex machina.
  • The Mirage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics were a little too fond of having the day saved by some random (and often unannounced) outside element instead of letting the Turtles themselves contribute to the solution of the plot. Occasionally, though, it was put to very good effect, such as Renet's unexpected appearance in Juliet's Revenge or Splinter being able to send a devastating psychic strike at the bad guy from several miles away in the last part of the River trilogy.
  • Used very well in Morrison's run of Animal Man. Grant Morrison himself shows up in the final issue of his run, titled Deus Ex Machina, to explain to Buddy that he's just a comic book character, with no free will at all. Buddy gets pretty angry, for good reason, but eventually calms down, and asks about his family, who were all killed. Morrison decides that he can't come up with a good enough reason to keep them dead, so he just tells Buddy to go home, where he wakes up, and it was all a dream.
    • Of course, Morrison's run was all about toying around with the fourth wall, so it doesn't really come out of left field as one might expect from the above description.
  • Bio Apocalypse has a literal example of this, with God sending the Angel of Death to abort a 50 mile tall fetus, after the space fleet failed to destroy it.
  • WITCH had one in the third arc, when the Oracle stepped in to stop the Interpol from finding out the girls' secret, and even said what he was doing, calling the trope by name. Then he had to explain that no, he wasn't God, just an observer that usually doesn't intervene but that just for once did an exception.
  • In the Gotham Central story arc Dead Robin, the MCU needed to contact Batman. One problem though: they no longer had the Batman signal. Then it was revealed they had a never mentioned, Ted Kord created, high tech portable Bat Signal. Josie Mac lampshaded this by saying it was very "Convenient".
  • Parodied in Phil Foglio's mini-series Angel and the Ape, where Sam Simian works as a comicbook artist drawing a series called "Deus-ex-Machina Man".
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@TheAmazingImmortalMan: Please dont start the strength arguement, they are equal in strength. Speed, superman wins handsdown but not in travel speed, in combat speed.
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I got the article above from the Its not entirely accurate but it makes some good points.

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Thor is the asgardian god of lightning thunder war strength and fertility

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Superman is faster than Thor.

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Musta have completely ignored the plethora of scans above you saying otherwise...

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@boostergold321: Awesome. I'm going to use all of this in my Superman VS Thor Viner versus Viner match.

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@boostergold321: With the giant monster Comment , Goku has been held by multiple monsters bigger than him.

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Superman is faster end of the story, not a fast to defeat Thor but he is faster. stronger, better fighter, more durable etc. nay he is not.

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Thor can fly faster than Superman in space (since space is the only time he shows his FTL flying speed) but on Earth Superman can fly faster and he definitely has fast reaction and combat speed thats not debatable. Thor is still stronger and more durable though though, last time I checked Thor has tanked supernova explosions...Supes got knocked out by a planet exploding.

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I would stop embarrassing yourself

Superman 52


Far faster

Better durability

Heals rapidly

Unlimited stamina

Can take a magical hit


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Superman is stronger

Superman is far faster

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@supermankingofheroes: lol no.

Thor flyed so fast galaxys appeared as blurs. Ge traveled like million lightyears in seconds. He also hit gorr so hard he send gor lightyears away. He also can teleport.

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@supermankingofheroes: lol no.

Thor flyed so fast galaxys appeared as blurs. Ge traveled like million lightyears in seconds. He also hit gorr so hard he send gor lightyears away. He also can teleport.

scans please

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@ganon15 said:

@nwgzsjuwhm96y2 said:

@supermankingofheroes: lol no.

Thor flyed so fast galaxys appeared as blurs. Ge traveled like million lightyears in seconds. He also hit gorr so hard he send gor lightyears away. He also can teleport.

scans please

You mean stuff like this?

Thor intercepted Ego whom was moving at hyperspace speeds:

Catches Ego again after getting shot at by Stranger:

Skyfather Thor blasts Gorr several lightyears and both Thors catch up relatively quick.

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Travel speed wise Goldilocks has a decent advantage, combat speed Smallville has a decent advantage.

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Superman is faster and stronger than the Thor .

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I much prefer thor to superman. Their physical stats such as strength and durability are debatable. But speed i have to say is superman's number 1 advantage over thor.

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Thor is street level speedster . He even admitted that Wolverine is faster than him

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