My thoughts on the thor movie.

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So after attempting to see thor five times in the cinema and failing I finally got thor on dvd and I have watched it at least five times so far and it is with out a doubt my favourite movie of 2011 followed by captain America and also one of the best superhero movie I have seen. As for the cast Chris Hemsworth is great as thor Anthony Hopkins is great as odin cause well hes Anthony Hopkins. Tom Hiddleston is the also great as loki and Jamie Alexander is perfite for the role of sif. You know what the cast is awesome and no matter what I type I cant do the movie any justice by saying how good I think it is. Though I do have one little nit pick and it is that the movie got me really hyped for the avenger and that I need to wait to may in order to see it. So all in all I loved this movie and would strongly recommend it any one who want to see a good movie so if where to give this movie a rating it would be five stars.

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I love that movie to...i could watch that movie everyday if i could.

i have a thor obsession.

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@THORSON: i totaly forgot i made this thread :/

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