My blog on Thor vs Hulk, who should win?

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@TheAcidSkull: Did not work D:

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@TheAcidSkull: Friend used that yesterday xD

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@TheAcidSkull: Not saying the opposite, But without a doubt, Thor has the highest feats.

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@TheAcidSkull: Thor fighting a celestial = instant win :P

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@TheAcidSkull: Tanking a celestial outweighs that :P

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@TheAcidSkull: It must be PIS then, Hulk done that once, Thor does stuff like this all the time. How about..KOing galactus for a little bit?

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@TheAcidSkull: When has hulk done thigns like that all the time xD Nothing compares to defending an attack like that then being injured by Thor with a hammer swing for 30+years = PIS

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@TheAcidSkull: I really don't mate, I know he is uber strong :)

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@Pyrogram said:

@TheAcidSkull: Thor fighting a celestial = instant win :P

Thor not even being a threat to a single Celestial.

Thor and every hero for that matter are nothing but the tiniest annoyance to a Celestial.

Thor getting spared thanks to Gaia.


No real threat to them.

Unless you're someone on Galactus' level of power or higher, you're of no real threat to the Celestials, let alone one of them.

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@Pyrogram: Not exactly.

Hulk destroyed Nightmare's entire dimension/universal realm.

So... one time feat? Not at all.

Just saying.

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@GreenScar1990: Seriously I was joking, stop being buthurt.

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@Pyrogram: I'm not. Just having some fun with a little friendly discussion is all. Hulk and Thor both have some pretty awesome feats. That's why they're the Marvel Universe most powerful heroes. I mean, how many people could actually stand against Hulk & Thor if they'd team-up? Not many, unless you count those of extreme power levels like Celestials, Galactus, Eternity, Death, Oblivion, etc. :)

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@TheAcidSkull said:

Considering the track record hulk does things like that all the time, breaking through a time storm, mustering enough force to light up a dimension, holding a microcosm together, Tanking blows from galaxy master who had in fact desroyed planets before. And etc.

So it's by No means Pis.

In fact, thor does crazy things to and sometimes is hurt by much much weaker forces, but i don't say that it's PIS on his part.

in fact i wouldn't bring that up in particular.

Not saying some of the ones you named are particulary PIS, but a lot of Hulks high ends are.

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@GreenScar1990: dude Thor pushed the world tree against its will. The earth is like a fruit on the world trees branches that holds the 9 realms ...that is beyond anything hulk has ever thought about in strength. .and no he did not have mjolnir with him ...Thor own power is greater than mjolnir and its just a tool as was previously stated ..if thor ans hulk go at it and thor is not holding back Hulk has nooooo hope ..Zeus has stated that Hercules is far above him in physical strength ...Hercules and Thor always stalemate in strength contest ... adding the god of thunder using his powers at full potential is spite I do not conceive that hulk is stronger

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Hulk is obviosly stronger than Thor strength wise, but Thor has a diverse set of powers that can take Hulk out.

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Yes he does.

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@grevous11: Indeed this will be great fight to watch but Hulk has won every time. If you watch Hulk vs Thor the movie or ULtimate Avengers, u will see that Hulk pretty much kills him. Ur statement is clearly wrong.

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@grevous11: Indeed this will be great fight to watch but Hulk has won every time. If you watch Hulk vs Thor the movie or ULtimate Avengers, u will see that Hulk pretty much kills him. Ur statement is clearly wrong.

this.... marvel messed up a great rivalry....

I also do not agree hulk is stronger, not when the writer writes thor correctly....

hulk and thor have equal strength... its just after the 90's writers drop the ball.... then disney took over.. and that was it

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thor- god- omnipotent

hulk- gamma monster- the angrier he gets the stronger he becomes (can get infinitely angry)

you can't compare two individuals with infinite power.

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@royaldivinity: Just curious about the part where Thor saves Rulk from demise. Now I'm not denying Thor is FTL, he has to be in order to escape from the gravity of a black hole and save Rulk. But light is not getting sucked into the blackhole because the gravity of a black hole is travelling faster than light. The suction is not FTL. Its strong enough that anything that is not faster than light cannot escape it's gravity. It's a minor correction, I just thought I would mention it.

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Hulk's stronger than Thor...He beats him

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still on this subject?...jeeez let it go already.

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Hulk's stronger than Thor...He beats him

Not really

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@mxyzptlk_cv said:

Hulk's stronger than Thor...He beats him

Not really

why bump this thread? nothing good ever comes out of this topic.

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Not an accurate analysis but don't disagree with the outcome

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Sorry Hulk fans, but even Hulk can't survive Thor's most powerful attacks.

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Thor wins 7/10.

Hulk's powers work likewise: The madder Hulk gets, the stronger he gets, and there's literally no limit to his massive anger issues. This also means, the faster he gets, because of the strength in his legs. Hulk also has an immense healing factor, to rival Wolverine.

Hulk's powers are definitely off the hook, however all you really need is to get the Hulk to calm down somehow and he's all yours. Tranquilizers are usually the best option.

Thor is capable of sending more then 900,000,000 volts of pure electricity coming your way at 20 times the speed of light, and that's not even his strongest attack.

The way I see it, it's a god VS a raging kid.

And I don't even like Thor that much...

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Thor would just whisper to the hulk and he would turn back to banner ashamed of what he did last summer and it would be game over.

Seems all characters have a flaw you can just whisper to them and bam...down for the 10 count.

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@royaldivinity: three things:


2) Thor is still more powerful than Bill easily.

3) you're damn right Thor trounces the Hulk. That Glory feat...... I remember sitting in awe when I read it. To be honest, that feat elevates Thor past all the "gods" really. And that's without the Odin/Thor force!

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Hulk is physically superior yet Thor is way more powerful and versatile. I say it`s pretty close but Thor edges it out in the end. I disagree with the analysis and bias in some of these comments. Hulk has some incredible one time feats yet whenever someone brings i up people call it PIS which is hypocrtitical as Thor has some one time feats also. it`s a double standard guys. And Hulk has also repedaedly said he holds back just like Thor. Theser are my 2 fav Marvel characters although I like Hulk slightly more I still think Thor wins the majority though

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Thor fans are retarded .

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Thor sucks . And stop calling him the god . God doesn't exist .

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Hulk was created to be "the strongest there is".

Thor was created to be "stronger than the strongest being alive (Hulk)".

Popularity aided Hulk to become greater over the years, while Thor's fanbase was low in numbers, Hulk got fanboy writters that pushed the limits, in the very second in which Stan Lee stoped writting to direct, writters also killed Gwen Stacy when Stan left the writting chair, so go figure.

Now is canon, Gwen is dead and Hulk is physical superior to Thor, Thor beggins being the stronger of them both, but it takes a little angering for The Hulk to gain enough strenght to beat down Thor, still tho, Thor never used more than lightnings as his "extras", he is a proud warrior, he wants to defeat the Hulk in a straight brawl slugfest, with: hits, punches, kicks, hammer throws, slams, grabs, etc., so Thor can be equally beaten bc of this, it's a no brainer, 50+ history of clashes has stressed this point. They are evenly matched.

We need to measure how the greatest skills of Thor has been portrayed, we need to countermeasure it, with how much punishment has Hulk resisted, and also consider the viceversa, the comparations can be deceiving, here is were the fanboys dissagree, bc ones compares anything that Thor has with everything that Hulk has withstood, and all the amazing striking power of the Hulk as if Thor couldn't withstand it, diminishing Thor's greatness. Thor's fans has an edge, as the best skills that Thor has shown, have been proven to be incalculable and extremely lethal and effective, simply put, it's easy to see that Hulk hasn't an answer for it, at all.

Still there is not a single diminish to Hulk in this, bc really the most greatest powers of Thor are over the top.

To put in simple words, in hand to hand, the fight can go either way, if Thor fights Hulk as if he was fighting Glory or Chaos King or Galactus, I don't see how could Hulk possibly survive. It's obvious that they wouldn't kill each other, even much less in the main continuity, simply bc fans doesn't want to see that.

That being said, I second the motion to see these two Marvel deities (Thor is a God, and H fanboys will almost open a church) being in a team up against the greatest odds in the universe, such thing would be amazing, they finally releasing it and being just friends smashing and thundering all foes who dare to face them, with few shots of World Breaker Maestro + Gem vs Old King Thor, as they did with recent Thor issues with OKT vs Big G, that sounds freaking outstandingly epic.

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@hulksmashlittleman: Hello. Welcome to Comicvine. Please be aware of the site rules before continuing to post. There is to be no personal insults towards users and no swearing either, and so definitely neither together either. Thank you.

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@sc: ok dude i'm sorry :(

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@hulksmashlittleman: No worries, just avoid that in the future please and thank you. Have a great day!

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Thor lost to Hulk . Get over it ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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