Jake Olson vs Donald Blake

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Yeah, so here's a quick question. I've recently gotten heavily into Thor. Always respected the character, but knew nothin' about him, so I decided to pick up his series from the beginning of volume two, that late 90's into the early 00's stuff. In it, Thor was forced to take over the life of Jake Olson because of him accidentally letting the real Olson get killed. Blah blah blah, a lot of epic stuff happens. Thor got separated from Olson, then put back together again, then Ragnarök happened, then that was the end of the series. Then the latest Thor series starts, and when he reverts back to his mortal self, he goes around calling himself Donald Blake again. I understand that was the name he first had when he was a human or whatever, and he has the right to call himself whatever he wants when he's humanized, but why the sudden change back? Is that really Donald Blake's body or Jake Olson's? Is this ever explained or addressed later on, or is it just one of those things I should just say "oh well" and move on about. I just find it a little odd.

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because his current form is donald blake if he had came nack and been cound to jake he would have been called jake
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@Thor's hammmer: I understand that his current form is Donald Blake. My question is why.
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because the writers chose donald

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