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I'm eagerly awaiting Thor #5. I'm not even this antsy when it comes to my all time favorite "hero" ever...Batman. These new Thor books are AMAZING! I've never been a Marvel guy but I picked up 1-4 and I can't put them down. So, tell a Thor newbie this:

The top 10 things I NEED to know about Thor to REALLY understand what is going on! I know a lot already after doing research but I want to hear the top 10 things I NEED to know from Thor pro's like you.

Hit me!

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Punches Gotham in the face

lol welcome to the vine. Ask a question and I will try to answer.

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I did! Haha.

What are the things I NEED to know (as someone new to Thor) about Thor as I read these new Thor books.

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Oh okay. So his hair is Blondie and I believe he has beautiful blue eyes. Oh and if your into muscle he has that too. Plus A BIG HAMMER. Just don't make him mad it might get a little windy. Oh and he like to talk all "How art thou?". So if you like that stuff YOU'LL LOVE HIM.

Lol jk

Check out The mighty thor page. It might show you some stuff about his powers. He is the new king of asgard. And stuff like that. Not sure what you need to know if your new to him especially after you did research.

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