Is Thor's strength under/overrated.

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Thanks to Jason Aaron, the people who are reading God of Thunder have been treated to a true powerhouse.

And when I get a chance, I'm buying every issue of his run and carrying it wherever I go.

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@haveatthee: Yup. Aaron and Ribic are doing a great job.

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Thanks to Jason Aaron, the people who are reading God of Thunder have been treated to a true powerhouse.

yeaaa boyyy

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@btmt: dude if thor dont have godly powers there is no use making that character

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we live in a world where popularity and bias rules the way we live. thor's strength is so underrated and underutilized not only by the viewers but also by the writers themselves. not many people think of thor as strong these days. thor was suppose to be Marvel's strongest, most powerful superhero, someone who stan lee could comfortably say would give superman a run for his money while fighting in superman's terms not by weakness exploitation. he's a god so he should be treated like a god, someone who can handle anything on anyone's terms when they get out of control. the best high-end feats of strength were all performed by thor and no one else. the towing midgard serpent, shattering many planets, lifting the world tree, lifting asgard with BRB and plenty more. Hercules comes close in his feats but thor is still stronger, regardless of what people think and how he is ranked below him. thor tends to show more feats of power rather than strength, because he spends more time on earth his feats don't seem to be as good as those outside of earth. thor isn't consistently strong but if we take into account BRB's feats then maybe thor's strength wouldn't be so underrated.

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#58 Posted by Darthnowell (55 posts) - - Show Bio

It's slightly underrated in general, very underrated by Hulk fanboys and sometimes overrated by Thor fanboys.

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Thor originally came from Nordic legends(so Stan Lee don't created Thor), and them in the ragnarok arrival thor dies, poisoned by the serpent of the seas, so he didn't had so much power on his original history, this make his strenght on comics be enough

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its underrated by the dumbass writers when stan lee and other people were writing thor in his classic days he was a beast he was created to by able to beat the hulk yet whenever hes on a team his nurfered to the level of guys like the thing the guy one shot classic abomination yet fanboys still think he cant hang with hulk even though classic abomination made the hulk look like a joke in their first fight

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@naamah said:

Thor is very inconsistent. So it is hard to say.

Forever Underrated.


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His strength is highly underrated. As the son of the All-Father of Asgard and the Elder Goddess of Earth, he is the scion of two powerful lineages. He is the "God of Thunder", but also of strength, war, etc. These are aspects most writers either forget or choose to ignore. Yet, he has been able to stalemate the Hulk numerous times in the past, and is stated to hold back a large fraction of his strength on Earth...

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Dear god. GOKU is not even in the same class as Thor or Superman.

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@z3ro180 said:

Dear god. GOKU is not even in the same class as Thor or Superman.

are you joking?

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@thorson: anyone who says he is public enemy number one.

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@thorson vs @z3ro180 ?

This should be good

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@phisigmatau: we have danced this dance never ends with him leading.

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@thorson said:

@z3ro180 said:

Dear god. GOKU is not even in the same class as Thor or Superman.

are you joking?

well i mean he rarely ever beats anyone by punching, he rarely displays any lifting feats...the only thing we go by is their energy output / blasting power.... it is pretty hard to determine how strong someone is when he spirit bombs/blast his opponents to death Obviously goku has super strength, but what is his actual strength limit? And no made up anime math speculation doesn't count

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@z3ro180 said:

@phisigmatau: we have danced this dance never ends with him leading.

you made it sound if goku was weak. Any high super saiyan level could take supes and THOR.

And i believe no one should beat THOR.

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@thorson: Goku literally gets his ass handed to him in every fight, then he get a power boost and still get his ass handed to him. Also he has never shown any feat on the scale of both Supes and Thor.

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Thor is so fucking overrated hulk can die, goku can die, without the sun superman is garbage and thor can't die and doesnt need his hammer to kill any of them

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Thor physical strength needs consistency really he also needs a re-sign and state Imo

*thor needs consistent strength

+give thor some speed and agility because warrior gods need not be just strength but speed, agility and strength

+ this is the 21st century enchanted weapons should be able teleport back to its wielder not just fly back to just get snared by bad guys, magic consistency

-thor needs his energy absorption taken away,seriously nerfed or limited to what energy it can absorb and how much; con being able to steal away all of ultron energy or absorbing destructive energy tht could destroy a large portion of the universe is BS

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Depends... Many does underrated him, but some people also overrated him. But he is mostly underrated, BADLY!

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Highly underrated, especially when it comes to those god awful cartoons & movies. He's definitely underrated to those Hulk & Superman fans who think of him as being Ult Captain America level -_-

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His striking power is above Superman by far.

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