Ideas for a Thor :Sequal

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okay well i think it should start with a prologe involving giant being's in a dark area talking and wisper it is time to invade asgard and we see a glimps and red eye's. then we move to the normal happenings of asgard everyone is having a good time but Odin senses trouble and call's thor to his chamber and talkes with him he explains the reason that the destroyer was built and that now the time is coming for them ti use it because he has a felling about the star gods arriving. then he introduces Thor to a new warrior for Asgard Beta Ray Bill.latter thor and bill atart to get into arguments odin has had enough and suggest they settle their argument into the arena.both fight an epic stalmate and clash their hammers togather creating a electric worldwind of pure energy which suprises odin and then shake hands.but then a messanger comes to warn Odin about Surtur is invading. so the two army's meat and clash Thor and Beta Ray Bill team up to take on surtur and eventualy bring him to the ground.then surtur and odin talk to surtur in private and then declare that they will work to gather to fight the star god menece known as The Celestial's.then later after they have made battle plans the celestials arive to asgard giant being with power level's far surpassing their own. the asgardian and fire demons attack the celestial but their attacks are proven useless. Thor attacks Asterium and is knocked down but a hand reaches and helps Thor to his feet it is Loki. Loki explains that the celestials will not get the plesure of finishing him off and will aid them Loki summons his army of frost giants that submit to him now. then thor goes to beta ray bill and explains that he knowns a way to damage celestials is to combine their hammers like they did in the tournament=;flashback, then thor and bill place their hammers togather but beta ray bill is Knocked down by asterium blasting him but beta ray bill says to thor to have his hammer thor is sad and angery as the celestial and picks up beta ray bill's hammer and holds it next to his own and yell ;take this asterium; and fires a powerfull blast destroying this celestial. mean while Odin , the destroyer and surtur are battling the one bove al celestlal. but are bearly doing anything even when thor and loki join in they are still bearly able to stand their ground agianst the celestial leader  then beta ray bill uses his remaining strength to get from his feat and togather Odin , Loki , Destroyer , Surtur , Thor and Beta Ray Bill compine their power to blast the celestial to a nearly fatal blow. after words one above all sayd his celestials to halt and congragulates the norse gods for their valiant efforts and that they have proven supiriority and deserve peace so the celestial's leave and asgard is saved. then surtur says that their alliance is over and the next time they wont be friends and leaves as well. so the asgardian throw a celebration for their heroes. The End

Note: dont be to hard on me if a make a mistake i has to think of this in like 10 to 30 miniuts.Hollywood takes years. ;)

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I really can't think of anything, just so glad that this movie did better and was way better than Green Lantern.

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@Osiris1428 said:
I really can't think of anything, just so glad that this movie did better and was way better than Green Lantern.

i Agree.
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would love to see a live action THOR vs hulk movie

would want to see beta ray bill, amora and surtur in the movies.

wouldn't mind if they did a movie on THOR and loki before they were enemies.

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