How powerful is Thor?

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Hi, Im from Anime Vice and I thought it best to come over here and find out some concrete proof of just how powerful Thor is.

Over on AV there is a debate going on about Thor vs Goku/Vegeta/Gohan (Should be Noted that Thor was also "Hulked" out with an unstable amount of cosmic and gamma radiation with none of the side effects). And while the general consenus was that Thor would win, one user by the name of "Job" came in and started to claim things like:

Thor is not FTL without hyperspace, nobody in marvel can move at FTL speeds without hyperspace.

Thor would be unable to react to, and absorb their energy blasts.

Thor is not durable enough to survive their attacks.

Thor is not strong enough to compete with them physicaly.

Thors attacks would be unable to harm them.

Mjolnir would break since it has been broken by nuclear level energy before.

And nuclear level energy attacks has been shown destroying his hammer.

He also claims that Classic Thor is no longer Canon and that Modern Thor feats are needed to prove anything. (I am unaware of any major reboot that alter Thor completely, I was under the asumption that the continuity was the same and anything Classic Thor could do so can Modern some degree) He has also claimed that Thor/Marvel has had a reboot every year since the 90s.

Now I have looked around for scans of Modern Thor to try and show how powerful he is (I believed that his power had not changed that much over the years), but there is not that many out there that I could find and any I did find he made up some excuse about how its not what it seems like and that it changes nothing. I even linked to a thread on this website for a collection of Thors Modern feats.

I'm just going to address the feats on the first page of the link you provided to make a point.

1. Thor lost against Glory twice. He absorbed some of Glorys energy while getting blasted,n which left him an amnesiac human. Then on earth he loses again to a depowered Glory, which was defeated by Becca praying. Funny how thats not shown.

2. a weakened Galactus has been hurt by Thing

3. Sentry killed Sentry. Sentry let thor kill him by holding back the void.

4. Rulk and Thor were not in the event horizen of the black hole. If thy had actually showed a scan from the comic and not a preview of it, the dialgue would have shown that.

5. Quicklsilver is nowhere near a z fighter in speed.

6. Goku can teleport by thinking,and doesnt need towalk through a portal.

7. There's the scan of thor struggling to lift a castle. And yet people want to say his strength is still on planet lifting level?

8. Posting a scan of thor flying at unknown speed for an unknown amount of time but claiming its ftl? lol Too bad no one is ftl without hyperspace and i've already posted several scans of Thor himself stating that he uses hyperspace. Silver Surfer too.

Now due to where I live getting ahold of comics is impossible, only one shop that I know of sells them and its just a handful of random comics. I thought that someone over here could help me out, and show me how powerful Thor is, and if Classic Thor and Modern Thor are the same person.

Anyone who can shed some light on this would be great thanks.

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Sorry, but we've got about three or four threads talking about Thor and his power levels, you may wanna check out his forum and see what's already been done.


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