How do Thor diehards feel about Sentry?

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Just curious as to how the people who view Thor as their favorite feel about sentry? Like for me personally Superman is my absolute favorite hero. So if dc made a new character slap him around it would piss me off and I'd probably hate the character. Personally I think Thor should be above sentry because frankly I think Thor deserves it. But back on topic how do you diehard Thor fans feel about him ?

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Thor did kill Sentry.

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I like sentry, he seems bad ass and i like his look and attire.

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Sentry had the speed advantage and was superior to Thor by a mile. It's clearly stated that Robert temporarily took control and let his guard down to allow Thor to kill him so that made sense. Doesn't change the fact Siege was a steaming pile of awfully written rubbish though.

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@sog7dc: Then I take it Wraith's appearance in Superman Unchained isn't going to please you much? I'm fine with Superman facing foes that outmuscle him. It's something that Superman can benefit from greatly in terms of story telling.

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Sentry is an annoying Mary Sue who should have stayed dead, or better yet in his miniseries.

Of all the characters to revive...

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Thor did kill Sentry.

Sentry aloud Thor to kill him

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sentry really really sucks

maybe its cause he reminds me of the villain from superman 4, either way he suckss

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@wolverine08: From what I've read sentry was literally begging to die and was in a weak mental state which made him weaker in his power A's well

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@lvenger: I absolutely hate it for a number of different reasons...but I already made those points in that thread lol

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One thing I find a bit stupid is how a mere mortal like Sentry can defeat a God?

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I like him though I'm not a diehard fan of Thor just a regular fan, but I thought the concept of the character was really interesting even if at times it wasn't handled too well. I really don't care who is stronger or who would defeat who, to me the personality is more important.

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@maccyd: Thats always been my thinking as well. It seems the term"god" doesn't mean much in the marvel u. And I'm not saying sentry shouldn't be super strong. I'm just saying Thor should be a cut above him.

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@sog7dc: Sentry isn't mortal though he can't seem to be able to die so he is technically an immortal. Also Thor is a god where as Sentry is often likened to God.

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@tikhunt: I really like both characters. I'd like to see them fight where Thor doesn't get spanked but rather it's am intense fight

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@sog7dc: I think the speed advantage is too much for Thor to be honest but if there was a interesting and believable way that he lost his speed advantage then yeah go for it.

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@sog7dc: Yes... He can die. People tend to take his godlyhood too seriously. If Sentry met a primitive species, they would probably consider him some sort of sun god. A sun god is usually held in higher regard than a god of thuderstorms.

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@awesam: Exactly people seem to mistake Thor being a god as the same as him being a God.

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@sog7dc: Who Thor? Quite easily it has happened twice in the past decade IIRC.

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@sog7dc: By Superman shoving his fist through his face. No one would want to read about a character who can't die.

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@tikhunt: I find the biblical references hamfisted and poorly done, especially as Yahweh is just another skyfather in marvel.

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I think coming back as a horseman adds a little more depth to his character. Robert has always been an emotional and psychological wreck, so his being 'repurposed' to serve the Apocolypse Twins is a nice twist. Do they know about his Void persona? Can he truly be controlled due to his personality disorders?

As for staying dead, I think the whole 'God like' term gets thrown around too often in Marvel and his return adds to that confusion. I'd like to see him return to being dead at the end of the arc.

And in answer to some of the stuff above, Thor has been killed more than once the old fashioned way a.k.a a savage fight against the Destroyer (if memory serves correctly) and at the hands of his uncle, The Serpent at the end of Fear Itself

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@awesam: Well I disagree. Id read about a character that couldn't die but I get what you mean

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I really really like Sentry, I think he is one of the best deconstruction type characters in comics but also has so much potential as far as mixing together the classic power fantasy archetype, with the flawed, broken character trying to cope with living with the promise of redemption lingering ahead in some distant future past self imposed mental walls and psychological barriers. I find him to be a more grounded character in the sense that if a human did find himself in the position to hear peoples conversations and whispers for miles around and further, and whose accidents and mistakes could cost people their lives because of the strength and speed he could exercise, then the fetal position might actually seem like a safe place to be. Most comics tailor their realities to avoid that sort of carnage, because in a lot of situations, no amounts of speed or strength can actually help, more heroes should be paranoid and worried heh heh.

Anyway, Sentry's various mental health issues when done well give the character a type of depth rarely explored in comics, its inspirational and demonstrates the characters strengths as often if not more than his failings. Just the idea that that on some days leaving his house is more scary and frightening than fighting Dr Doom or Hulk, but also that he would leave his house to help rescue a cat even though on the inside he could be having an anxiety attack. Thats heroism to me, makes the character pretty cool to me. I always wish Superman got a bit more political, I understand he can't for creative reasons, but with Sentry his in story narrative crux is what prevents him from really making a difference in the world, and that also drives his guilt as well. Character is complicated though, so he is at his best with a skilled and subtle writer - at least how I enjoy the character. I enjoy the character less when he is presented cartoonishly.

I don't really care about power levels, or feats or showings, and I don't think anyone should take them seriously. Enjoy? Have fun with? Sure, just not take too seriously. More often than not there is a greater context behind the scenes that have more to do with creative decisions and writer politics than a bunch of writers sitting around trying to make things easier for the 5 percent of comic fans who spend time in Battles sections. Some writers don't even care about trying to present a consistent character depiction, others have stronger opinions. Interestingly Scarlet Witch was going to be the main final antagonist of Siege, but she got switched out to have a redeeming character arc and Sentry was decided to be built up over Bendis arcs so he would be perceived as a threat. Which means from a creative standpoint if Wanda ended up being the bad guy, all Sentry's moments under Bendis pen would have been dramatically reduced and minimized, probably to the delight of many. I actually liked some of Bendis work of Sentry though myself however. Hard to feel anything strong towards a fictional character when its all creative decisions, and when most writers have competing and conflicting views, and ultimately a fan will believe whatever they want as per their enjoyment. Problem comes when sharing ideas and opinions. If some professional writers think Silver Surfer can beat Sentry and Thor? Some professional writers think Hulk beats Superman and Sentry? Some professional writers think that Thor can beat Sentry and Superman? Some professional writers think Sentry can beat Thor and Flash. Some professional writers think Superman can beat Surfer and Sentry, gotta be careful about a random anonymous fan on the internet and the reasoning they employ on such matters and the sort of foundational basis they have in their presuppositions.

I'd recommend Sentry's one off appearances in Moonknight and Punisher as well, they were fun cameos. I enjoyed his small appearances in Blue Marvel as well, but first mini is the best start.

Side note, terms like mortal and immortal are kind of useless in fiction, unless you have a really intelligent writer writing a really intelligent character who actually defines a term before applying. In reality we have immortal jellyfish, but its a different type of immortality than live for trillions of years never being harmed immortality. The same way any character that doesn't have absolute omnipresence can't be immortal, because if they don't exist everywhere it means you can disperse them to some extent and if you disperse them for the absolute maximum distance of which is absolutely possible, for an extremely long period thats not infinitely long, and then they reform? Then your making a reasonable case for immortality. Except if the forces acting on dispersing that entity are constant/push harder than the reformation process. Then in fiction such rules an be rewritten at a whim. Bizarrely what this means is that all comic characters are immortal and also not immortal. Depending.

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@tikhunt: The character overall is a godawfully annoying Mary Sue whose backstory sucks in the stories of other, better characters like a black hole. When he dies again Galactus should eat him to keep him dead.

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@guardian_of_gravity: I wouldn't go that far I think he does have some potential in the right hands as does every character for example I don't like Jason Todd but he has been written well a few times and I have enjoyed those appearances.

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Also on the subject of death, the last two times Thor died in comics, it only meant a location change, where his adventures continued, and where he willed himself back from when he decided it was time and when he remembered who he was. Not really sure either are good examples but therein having to define what one means by death since in fiction is fiction and not science. Mad Jim Jaspers could reform his physical body faster than Sentry but even he could "die" it just required more extreme circumstances. X-man had his body dispersed molecule by molecule, and he managed to come back as well... albeit it took a few years and not a few seconds like Sentry. Was he dead or just in the process of reviving himself? Depends on how one defines it really.

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I hate:-

Sentry, Blue Marvel, and Hyperion when he's in 616

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@tikhunt: He is the best friend of hulk, spiderman's idol, helps Reed feel human (Ya know, instead of his loving wife and kids, then again Reed is an atrocious family man), stalemated fething galactus, beat molecule man at his own game, is the friend of all children everywhere, Bomed Rogue to take her virginity, his penis is the subject of awe from women and envy from men, he was shoehorned into everyone else's backstories, and is "DA BESTEST EVA AT EVERYTHANG". I can handle powerful characters but when the writer starts squeeing like a fangirl for how awesome they are I draw the line.

If you wrote up a character like that on you'd get an inbox full of hate mail and become the laughing stock of the writing community, just ask Tara Gillesbie and her "masterpiece" my immortal.

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@kid_nacho: Didn't see this before but I don't think he has the multiple personality disorder while in the death persona because when Thor asks about the Void Sentry replies that there is no Void only Death.

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I don´t have harsh feelings towards him, most of Thor enemies are always beating him up.

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@guardian_of_gravity: I always liked to think of that as Robert convincing himself that a lot of his interference in other peoples origins happened and I was hoping a writer would confirm that.

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@tikhunt said:

@kid_nacho: Didn't see this before but I don't think he has the multiple personality disorder while in the death persona because when Thor asks about the Void Sentry replies that there is no Void only Death.

during an interview it was stated he only has one personality.

as for the answer to the OP. I am fine with the situation considering Thor delivered the final blow and gave him a respected burial as well.

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@w0nd: Wouldn't that interview contradict what has been shown and stated in comics several times.

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@awesam: Gods can/have died in real mythology. Seth killed Osiris, Zeus killed his father etcetera. A god is a type of cosmic being in the Marvelverse and a very powerful one. I enjoy when cosmic beings of similar power are killing them but when a guy jacked up on a super serum is able to rip these cosmic being in half with ease? That makes reading about Thor's work as a god seem less majestic somewhat.

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@maccyd: That's different. Gods in religion and mythology are credited with creation. Thor's just a being who comes from an advanced alien race. It's easy to understand how a primitive race could think he's a deity of some sort. Technically he would be considered a god, I'm not denying that. What I said is his godlyhood is often exaggerated. Him being a god does not make him immortal.

As I said before. Sentry is also considered a god. To most, a sun god. Sun gods are often considered the most powerful and influencial. The sun gives light and brings life to crops as well as all life on Earth. Aside from ruining your day, a thunderstorm does nothing for you.

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@sog7dc: The most interesting characters are the ones who have the most to lose. Any professional writer would know that.

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@awesam: Indeed, I like reading something sensible on the internet it makes a nice change.

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@tikhunt said:

@w0nd: Wouldn't that interview contradict what has been shown and stated in comics several times.

True. Did it seem like he had split personalities though? Or just one goal of taunting and torment?

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I think it's a little weird that they've inserted Sentry into the classic Thor/Hulk debate, but I don't think Thor fans would be as annoyed with Sentry as Hulk fans. Thor was the one who defeated Sentry while Hulk was basically turned into his pet, necessitating the Hulk beatdown of Sentry in World War Hulk to kinda make up for it. I guess I don't see why Thor fans—even die-hard ones—would have a problem with Sentry compared to that. He's basically just another Hyperion.

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@awesam: Do you read Thor: God of Thunder? You'd understand then why he is called a god and not an alien species. The film may make him seem like an advanced alien species but in the comic verse it is a lot different.

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Professional doesn't always mean good. And that's a matter of opinion not fact

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@maccyd: Regardless, he's still an alien. Just as you probably see Superman as an alien rather than a god. Wonder Woman's a goddess, but we still consider her an Amazon. Think of how other beings see Thor. Thanos wouldn't consider him a god. He's more of a fly in comparison to Galactus.

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@sog7dc: It's a matter of popular opinion. The majority of people would agree with me.

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I guess marvel just showed you thor fans how the fight would really go between thor an superman. LOL

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@w0nd: Emma Frost went into his head and found that the Void had locked the Robert persona away so that he couldn't wrestle for control. Also on two occasions after destroying stuff as the Void he woke up and had no memory of what had happened, I think that is proof that there is multiple personas in there.

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