How can thor keep forgiving loki for the HORRIBLE stuff he does?

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Loki and surtur once joined forces and brought Ragnarok & thus the end of Asgard.

loki is the reason why ODIN DIED

then later loki ailed himself self with osborn & the result was the end of Asgard AGAIN

loki is the reason why Bor is dead right now

loki is the father of the midgard serpent Fenirs wolf , and Hela and all of them are horrible people

he has tryed to kill thor multiple times.... WHY DOES THOR TOLERATE THIS?

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hahaha good point never thought of that and im a kind of big Thor fan!

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WAIT, The Serpent is the Fenirs Wolf? By Odin's Beard!!
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They're brothers. Trust me, when it comes to family you forgive a lot of things.

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@Dracade102 said:

WAIT, The Serpent is the Fenirs Wolf? By Odin's Beard!!

No, the Midgard Serpent is one of Loki's children (which is different from The Serpent in Fear Itself), and Fenris Wolf i another one of Loki's children.

Thor won't kill Loki because they're supposed to be immortal gods and brothers. Loki is the god of mischief, and Thor excuses a lot of his actions for that reason.

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Because Thor remembers Loki before he turned evil (when they were kids) and believes he can be redeemed.

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Didn't Loki die trying for redemption to help him? Or am I outdated?

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@SurelockeHomes: ok fine loki did somthing good but it was his fault the problem started in the first place Lol

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@TheCrowbar: if i had a brother and he was both directly & indirectly responsible for the death of my dad grandad & my home i wouldnt forgive that family or not Lol. loki could destroy the world and thor would just tell iron man '' Aye Stark my brother loki knows not the evil he does tis is his nature''


he needs to deal with that trickster before he destroys Asgard for the third time Lol

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@PowerHerc said:

Because Thor remembers Loki before he turned evil (when they were kids) and believes he can be redeemed.

I agree with Herc.
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If you had a brother ude understand...

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that was all adult loki, child loki seems a little more different and innocent, despite what loki did in the past

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I have a brother, and I want to strangle him for the normal stuff he does! I would certainly kill him if he did this!

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Thor has killed Loki before.  I don't remember the name of the mini-series off hand but Loki had usurped control of Asgard while Odin was away or something (he was indisposed to do anything regardless) and chained Thor to a wall, locked up Sif and did the sort of dick things that one would expect.  Well in the last issue Thor finally manages to break free of the chains, corners Loki, and crushes his head with Mjolnir in a blow.  Odin of course banishes Thor and revives Loki later.
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Which Loki? He both is and isn't the same person twice now. When he became femLoki and now kidLoki.

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THOR has heart and understand loki's pain. THOR will never give up on loki for anything.

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If we look at the mythos it has not to do about Thor what Loki to make redemption. This is a christian thought, not a thought you find in the Norse mytology. It is more to make actions, protect your family and have honor. The reason why Loki is tolerated by the gods is a question a lot of poeple have asked in the past. The most ccomon answer would be something along with that Loke represent both the Asgard and Jotunheim. Being semi god and semi giant. He has a role in both worlds something that Thor and the other gods respect. However there is a problem with the old norse mytology and that is that all know test are written after the religion ended and are written by christians. A lot of the text have christian elements that a thought not to be there, but put in in there. Likewise the religion is look down upon if not dircetly then indirectly.

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brothers. ~nuff said Bub

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Because they're brothers, maybe not in blood but Thor still cares for Loki. I've always liked the relationship between the two. If you haven't already you should read Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers, explores their relationship more.

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Because they are not just mortal brothers, they are gods. And sadly, their values/ titles / realms of power are at almost perfect opposite.

Thor is the thunder god of war, warrior protector of asgard and midgard. While Loki is the god of mischief and evil. They were already meant to be that before they were even born, and have been so in many previous lives, they never got a say in it.

That doesn't mean they don't have a family bond, and don't care for each other. But fates always pit them together and neither can't help being what they are meant to be.

Loki will always betray asgard for a trick or another, and Thor will always stand up for Asgard even if Loki is right somewhere. I think that goes a long way to damage their relationship, but their more simple bond as brothers is what keep them together, despite their long and complicated history.I think it's also that Thor is not a pure asgardian, he is half earth elder god and has passed a lot of times embracing human values so he will never be as black or white as Odin when it comes to judging his brother. He knows and has often chastised Odin for being a cold, heartless father when defending Loki.

In the end, I think it's just that he loves his brother and like others in this thread have said, Thor ultimately always believes in his brother's redemption and that's why he will always forgive him at the slightest sight of repentance.On the other hand, you could argue Odin is also right and that Thor "could never stand the quiet" (when he resuscitates Loki after Ragnarok) , meaning Thor by default is a warrior protector and where does that leave him if his biggest challenge is gone.

They really are in a ying&yang relationship. Thor and Loki, minus the actual brotherhood, are essentially's Marvel's Batman & Joker.

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Because Thor remembers Loki before he turned evil (when they were kids) and believes he can be redeemed.

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@thorson said:

THOR has heart and understand loki's pain. THOR will never give up on loki for anything.

maybe not anything. If THOR needs to i believe he would kill Loki.

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They have teamed up om many quest through the years and Loki saved the day in many of those times.

They live so long and the relationship would have a whole other side to it.

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Because right now Loki is more popular than Thor in his own movies, so Loki must assume the role of the anti-hero/emo-child god of mischief.

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Because he loves him like a brother, and he knows that the god of mischief must do bad things. Its his nature.

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