Has mjolnir ever been broken by another weapon

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IF so pls state

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Hey, there is a thread about the times Mjolnir has been broken. Hope it helps.

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1. Destroyer Armor's beam slices mjolnir in two, from Journey Into Mystery #119.

2. Molecule Man dispels the atomic bonds between the hammer's molecules, vaporizing Mjolnir, in Avengers #215.

3. The hammer shatters after channeling an unmeasurable amount of energy at the Celestial Exitar, from Thor #388.

4. Dark god Perrikus slices Mjolnir in half with a magical scythe, in Thor vol. 2 #11.

5. and the hammer is shattered when it collides with the uru weapons of Loki's Storm Giant followers, resulting in an atomic-scale explosion, in Thor vol. 2 #80.

6. Destroyed when striking thor's grandfather, Bor, from Thor vol. 3#600.

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I the Avengers Disassembled arc Mjolnir was broken as well.

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@Larkin1388 said:

I the Avengers Disassembled arc Mjolnir was broken as well.

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