Find and Close the Breach

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How was it that Odin was going to find and close the breach in his defenses, when the breach was Loki...a being who can travel veiled thru many unknown portals. Is Odin even aware that his argument, in the light of Thors betrayal by Loki, is unjustified and untenable? Does he ever apologize for unjustly judging Thor. Thor was correct in his assessment of the dangers to Asgaard. He was correct in trying to find the root and source of that breach. Instead, it is Thor who contritely ascedes to Odin, adding 'he has much to learn'. Odin owes his son an apology and it is he who has much to learn about honouring his valiant son. I find it at times unsettling that aspects or nordic mythology, especially what has come to light since Waddells corret translation of the Brittish Odin is Thor...and the All Father. Sif, is his beautiful wife; the golden goddess of light...That the characters are now presented so skewed, one has to set aside what the old myths tell us and embrace a new marvel mythology. I find it remarkable I am more than willing to do just that in light of the brilliant movies Thor & the Avengers. I wait impatiently for the next installment! roisin

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@roisin: what in all of the nine realms are you talking about??

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@roisin said:

"Odin is Thor"

Uh... WHAT???

And the British Edda has nothing to do with Norse Mythology, it is all non-sense...

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