fear itself.

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so i havent been ceeping up with fear itself so i was woundering if some one could fill me in on the key points that have happend so far as well as what has happend with thor. Oh and does anyone have any idea when the hardback copies of the mighty thor and fear itself come out???

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Sin revives the Serpent. Mystical hammers fall to Earth. Juggernaut, Hulk, Grey Gargoyle, Thing, Absorbing man, Titania, Attuma and Sin get a  hammer each. They are all transformed into " The Worthy". They  spread out are spread out around the world, causing chaos and spreading fear. Various heroes, including the Avengers and the X-men, try to stop them.
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. Thor leaves Asgard to help earth despite his father's wishes. Thor battles Angrir and Nul. He defeats Angrir and knocks Nul into orbit before passing out. That's about it so far :/ Hope this helps :P
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@TheGoldenOne: yep that pretty much helps me thanks
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@Z3RO180: Glad I could help :)
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thor absolutely owns the hulk and the thing

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