Favorite Thor Artist?

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Who is your favorite Thor artist?

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Olivier Coipel
Marko Djurdjevic
Andrea Divito
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This is a tough one (I think I tried to answer this before and ended up listing 10 or 12) but I'll narrow it down to three.


 1.  Walt Simonson

 2.  Keith Pollard

 3.  John Buscema

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Dougie Braithwaite
Billy Tan
Marko Djurdjevic

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I think I've always like Marko Djurdjevic and Walt Simonson best. A nice mixture of new and old.

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COIPEL!!!! And Walt Simonson, mostly because of his Balder tho. But Walt Simonson.

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@TheGoldenOne said:

Who is your favorite Thor artist?

Mike Deodato:

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