Does Thor do anything for the people who worship him?

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Does Thor do anything special for his worshippers

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He saves the world on a regular basis.


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Topless lapdances, but those that pray to him daily may touch the tip of Mjolnir.

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@kgb725: He's busy, he isn't one of those laid back gods that can just drop what he's doing every time a Norwegian is trying to get some divine help at a job interview. He's got to deal with time traveling tyrants, horrible monsters, pissy robots and tight wearing lunatics.

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Maybe Thor hears confessions after passing around the collection plate. Maybe the largest donors get free trips to Asgard. Maybe those who die for Thor are rewarded with 72 valkyries.

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Well he's the God Of Thunder, so any time you hear thunder, that's him giving the people what they want.

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Maybe Thor loves all humans and hands out free bottled rain water.

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@colonyofcells: those who die for him get thor to put his wrath upon someone

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He poses. If you're extra worshipful, he'll toss back his golden mane and wink.

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Yes, Thor does answer prayers when he chooses to. One way is to appear in person to fulfill the request whether it be beating up a threat or making it rain. The first issue of Thor: God of Thunder had Thor answering a prayer on a distant planet. A couple of stories have implied there is a metaphysical aspect to gods that allows them to answer prayers without having to appear in person. This would help explain how gods can listen to and respond to prayers of many worshippers over a vast distance. But this angle has not been well developed.

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On rare occasions if you pray really hard he will come and drink beer with you

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He helped found the Avengers, you're welcome.

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If you are a daily and devoted worshiper of his, then he might just take you out for a night out in Asgard and get you absolutely MORTAL. And you will forever live with the memory that you got unbelievably drunk with Thor, the God of Thunder and Prince of Asgard.

Either that or he visits you and offers you a high-five as a sign of good luck. Bound to be one of the two..

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He pleasures the women that do ;)

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he guides them to internal happiness.


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