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In marvel database , thor has so much powers, but everyone says that isn't true , i wanna know if this is true, i think thor the most man powerful or marvel universe and storm the woman, i think thi's true, and you, what you say about the thor power's ?

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Meh to this thread

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You have to be careful when reading the powers because some writers go a little crazy sometimes and give characters plot powers to cover sloppy writing. Just look at Storms powerset here.

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Not all of them. Most though.

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Yes and no. Thor has demonstrated each one of those powers, though the article itself was clearly written by a less than unbiased Thor fan, particularly in the area of strength. While Thor has overpowered those beings listed, each of them has overpowered him in return at some point. I also do not recall Thor ever shattering planets or stars with his fist, and the two references that it uses for those don't even involve Thor at all, but Beta Ray Bill and as I recall, its not something that is shown, but something he claimed to be capable of. His strength being called unlimited is a little misleading as well since, while characters have refered to him as having unlimited strength, its typically done by Thor himself or Asgardians while they are bragging. It is definately in keeping with the Norse/Germanic traditions (they used to brag all the time, read Beowulf), but it could hardly be called a definitive authority.

So yes the page is correct in the context of Thor having exhibited each one of those powers, but the content itself clearly leans towards hyping Thor up and not offering an objective assessment of his powers.

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