Could Iron Man escape a Thor tornado from the center

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Please excuse me If I sound noobish, I'm new here.

My friend and I are having a debate about Thor vs Iron Man (movie version's) My argument is that Thor could create a Tornado sucking Iron Man in, putting pressure on his lungs and possibly knock him out. His says Iron Man can out perform most top-notch airforce jets, escape out the tornado. Plus last under water with limited air supplies.

So my question is, the strongest recorded Tornado is 300 mph, going off of worldly feats. Since Thor can control base elements, couldn't he create one even stronger? I know the one is his movie was not that strong according to some, but I also feel that the movie wasn't a true testament to his powers. Also, If Iron Man could escape a 300 mph+ Tornado unscathed, how and why?

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I dont think so.

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I doubt Iron Man could escape.

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@Pyrogram said:

I dont think so.

@NerdsFTW said:


@sagejonathan said:

I doubt Iron Man could escape.

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Never in his life. against the infinity Thor creates a storm so large that it is felt on earth. and even on earth it's still blowing the tops off mountains and tearing out land marks. Thor wasn't trying to damage the earth he was creating a storm many light years away....

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Iron Man doesn't stand a chance. Thor could summon storm strong enough to crush Earth.

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you mean a Thornado?

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Not if Thor didn't want him to.

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With the right equipment, yes, all he needed to do is have enough speed and force to break through the windspeed of the tornado; the question is how fast does thor's tornado spin, and the upperlimit of Tony's tech

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Not sure. Doubt it.

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@BigCimmerian said:

Iron Man doesn't stand a chance. Thor could summon storm strong enough to crush Earth.

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tony would pop.

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@PowerHerc said:

Not if Thor didn't want him to.

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@THORSON said:


tony would pop.


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No... Thor could destroy Iron Man without even trying.

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