Can someone explain to me about where this Thor scan ______

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Can someone tell me:

. What series was this?

. What were the pages prior to this?

. The fight in general.

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Don't Know man.............sorry

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This was from Thor the Deviant Saga released earlier this year. Its Thor fighting Tutinax who is a pretty badass Deviant. They are fighting in a place that has a lot of different contraptions, that are adding various odd effects to their fight. Ransak and Karkas are present. Some other Deviants are. No one really won between Thor or Tutinax but Tutinax "looked" like he had the upper hand as far as physically. They fought more than twice and outcome was similar with fight being broken up for external reasons.  
Tutinax also first appeared in an old Thor issue. Like a couple of decades ago. Where he smashed up a few Eternals at once. If you remind me later I can add scans of pages before and after.     

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It's from Thor: The Deviants Saga #2. Thor and Tutinax were fighting in a chamber where an Eternal named Phastos had managed to slow down the speed of light, making the battle appear weird for observers. Here's the entire fight:

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Sc got it. Some people have tried to use this as a speed fear scan but it is not. The place where they were was affected by time differently.

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Thank you everyone ^_^

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@CitizenBane: i was going to pick that up is it worth the money?

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@Z3RO180: Eh. It wasn't anything really special.

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@CitizenBane: Hmm think ill get it thanks for the info btw cool scans


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