Can someone bring me up to speed with Thor / recommend?

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Hey guys! I haven't read much Thor in a while, but after seeing the Avengers I want to get back into it.

I absolutely adored JMS's run, first of all. I read up until that, Siege, the war with the Disir, and when Matt Fraction took over the run and brought Loki and Odin back (which I thought was sudden and kind of stupid). The last thing I remember from the comics was the cosmic-looking seed of Yggdrasil, and the series splitting into The Mighty Thor and Journey into Mystery.

I was getting a bit bored with Fraction's run (I prefer Norse Thor to cosmic Thor), and I heard rumors from a friend that Thor died and was replaced or something? I don't know, he could've been screwing with my head, but it still seemed far-fetched and stupid.

Can someone give me a quick recap of what I've missed, and recommend a place to jump back into the series? Like I said, I love JMS Thor, Norse Thor, etc.

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I want to know too, also what is your display picture of?

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@jeanroygrant said:


I want to know too, also what is your display picture of?

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I found the image online! :P I'm not sure where exactly it's from, but it made me laugh so I adopted it as my avatar.

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@Valkyrja:  Okay, this is potentially going to sound like odd advice given that I actually stopped reading Thor books roughly the same time as you lol, with Fraction, and that seed and Loki being revived. My preferences are the same as yours though roughly, JMS Thor revitalized the character, and Fraction's work felt regressive and a bit off to me.  
That being said I will recommend Kieron Gillen's Journey Into Mystery as the best jumping on point. Pros include being heavily involved with and tied to mythological Thor and Norse stories, but beyond that having tight characterization and just being a great read. Features a lot of classic and traditional Thor characters too (Hela, and other surprises) The big drawback though is that Thor doesn't actually feature that much in it. Loki is the protagonist. He makes a very good protagonist though, and much much more likable than how Fraction wrote him. If you liked Gillen's Thor run after JMS you will love his Journey Into Mystery run.   
As for the rumors, well I haven't read those arcs yet, but that does sound about right. Thor was killed (comic style killed - so his stories continued and he wasn't technically technically dead and he was replaced in some deeper plot and Thor had to come back and reveal his impostor and something else convoluted) I am yet to read it but Thor had a mini series recently against the Eternals/Deviants and there is this new mini event with Thor characters and New Mutants in Exiled.          
 Good luck! 

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