Avengers Issue 12 thoughts (Spoilers)

#1 Posted by Z3RO180 (7859 posts) - - Show Bio

GO READ THIS BOOK NOW....stop reading and go read the book....done that ? Good now this book is great Thor is in this a lot and his interactions with Hyperion is awesome Hickman makes both of them sound like the hounrable warriors and protectors they both are. The art is spectacular in this issue and the writing is the best Hickman has done to date in the Avengers (in the avengers that is) and this is easily the best issue in the entire run so far. So what are your thought on this issue ?

#2 Posted by HaveAtThee (864 posts) - - Show Bio

I gave up Hickman's title. Things are taking FAR too long to develop and he uses his characters as mere props for some supposed grand epic he's building.

#3 Posted by Hel (492 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally, I liked it alot. I love these calm moments in comics, I miss them.

#4 Posted by Z3RO180 (7859 posts) - - Show Bio

@hel: My thoughts exactly these moment are rare. @haveatthee: True he does take his time when it all come together it will be worth the wait.

#5 Posted by HaveAtThee (864 posts) - - Show Bio

Things shouldn't have to take an entire Omnibus' worth of length to come together, though.

#6 Posted by Farkam (5833 posts) - - Show Bio

I've been having difficulty trying to get into the new avengers. i really want to though.

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