Are there any more good stories about a siege on Asgard?

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Recently I've been watching the new anime series Attack on Titan. The premise itself is essentially an allegory on Norse myth, namely the idea of a city constantly under siege by frost giants. Instead of Asgardian gods and fallen heroes protecting the city you have an army of steampunk spider-men who are horribly outclassed in strength.

I was a big fan of Siege from Bendis so I was hoping to get back to some older Thor books that deal more with frost giants laying siege to Asgard. So are there any good Thor stories that fit this criteria?

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You're the first person in a while who I've read that has praised Siege.

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@HaveAtThee Siege was actually good

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Yes, in The Mighty Thor Vol. 1 around issue 396 and up the god Seth invades Asgard, while Thor is prisoner in the black pyramid.

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@biteme_fanboy: Oh that sounds cool. I'll definitely look into tracking down those issues if I can. Thanks!

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