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Review: Thor #618 0

Though a solution to the unusual problem of the goblin refugees isn't to be found yet, Thor makes  a bold move to bring Odin back to Asgard's aid.  The Good Compliments to Fraction and Ferry for thinking outside the box. While still staying true to the character's nature, this doesn't look or feel like any Thor I've read before. That scene with the Aesir looking over the horde of neon refugees is demonstrative of that in itself. I especially liked the glowing, Tron-like humanoids who see...

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Repercussions of the world eaters have finally made their way to Asgard   ThoughtsBoy oh boy do I like this run on Thor! I wasn't always a Thor fan, just got into him during JMS's run. What I liked is how the world of Thor got a modern day reboot. And no doubt this new Thor is doing just that over again. Although this new story doesnt always make complete sense, (world eaters coming because asgards on earth what?) its still very entertaining and one can easily foretell an approaching epic. Odin...

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The One With the last page resurrection 0

Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry are continuing to deliver one of the best Marvel ongoing.  The GoodEverything. Really, I don't say it very often but, seriously, everything. Unlike Kieron Gillen (and I absolutely loved his Thor stories), who has been writing this title like a hardcore rock CD, Matt Fraction with each issue creates a wonderful fairytale, which strikes and holds your imagination in a constant leap of never ending orgasms. Ferry's pencils are magnificent and his work on the each of ...

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Shattered Worlds 0

There is a lot going on in Asgard and the Nine Worlds and Matt Fraction has a tremendous job ahead of him: mantain cohesion of the plot (it´s a lot in his plate) and avoiding loose ends. In general he is suceeding in this difficult task, but it´s already started to crumble in the details: for example, in issue # 617, Eric Solvang was kicked in the nuts by Dr. Jane Foster, and in issue # 618 Tony Stark refered to this incident as "getting maced" while his eyes were red - What was that, can someon...

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