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Review: Thor #618

Though a solution to the unusual problem of the goblin refugees isn't to be found yet, Thor makes  a bold move to bring Odin back to Asgard's aid.

The Good

Compliments to Fraction and Ferry for thinking outside the box. While still staying true to the character's nature, this doesn't look or feel like any Thor I've read before. That scene with the Aesir looking over the horde of neon refugees is demonstrative of that in itself. I especially liked the glowing, Tron-like humanoids who seemed far removed from any corner of Asgardian mythology.

The Bad

The biggest criticism I've heard about this run so far is that it's moving along too slowly. I haven't shared in the sentiment so far but, upon reflecting on how much progress this issue makes, I'm starting to agree that maybe it's a bit too decompressed. I'm also honestly a little disappointed about Odin's return, since Asgard been a lot more interesting without his guidance.

The Verdict - 4/5

Thor's a notoriously difficult title to get new audiences to relate to. And it's just as notorious for the difficulty of finding new angles  on the thoroughly-explored Norse mythology. This team thus deserves double-praise for circumventing both of those possible limitations in a exciting and fresh arc like this. Although, I do have to say, I wish it could move along at a quicker clip.
Posted by JonesDeini

I've been meaning to get into Thor, always liked him in team books/crossovers but never really followed his solo titles. I love Fraction's writing (generally) and read the last issue (liked the take on Loki). I know how slowly his stories can move so I'm a bit wary to jump into this all the way, but hey, I dropped a few titles recently and have the scratch to burn. 

Posted by seekquaze

I tried getting into Fraction's run.  I loved JMS and Gillen and am a major Thor fan going so far as to buy tpbs of previous runs.  I've liked most of what I have read from Jurgens', Defalco, and others.  I even liked Fraction's previous one-shots on Thor.
Yet I detest his  current run.  Aside from moving far too slow it does nothing but repeat itself each issue.  First one established Asgard being in the wrong place creates problems.  We have had that repeated in different ways each issue.  Balder moping about what a bad king he is each issue.  The World-Eaters killing each issue.   No plot has been developed at all.
Thor bringing back Loki and Tyr's lack of resolve does not make sense at all.  Both got over their issues during Gillen's run, but it feels like Fraction never even read it or communicated with him despite Marvel claiming otherwiese.  Why did Thor bring back Loki when he is responsible for the previous disasters and all of Asgard's recent troubles?  Why when Thor made it clear he had gotten over it in the previous story arc?  No clue.
This issue does feel like it moves a bit more, but that is not saying much.  I suppose Odin is needed back because he is the only one who can motivate anyone to do anything besides mope around.
Artwise Ferry does well and has some interesting designs.  its a shame it is wasted on this run.

Posted by Green ankh

CRAP 100% crap Thor is one of my favs but the last few issues have been awful.   With the film out next spring Thor should be a flagship title.

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