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Falls reviews Thor: The Dark World

Yeah...its another review. You've probably read dozens all ready but too bad here's another one!

******* Note - this review will include heavy spoilers. I do not recommend reading it if you have not seen the film. ********

Lets get the bad things out of the way first, so we can end on a good note.

Things I Hated

My biggest problem is, at no point during the movie did I feel like things weren't going to be ok. I felt no emotions when watching either Malekith or Kurse - and its not to say the actors were at fault either. Part of the problem was the probably the fact they were speaking an unknown language - I don't have a problem with subtitles in the slightest, but the problem arises when you combine an alien language, with heavy costume and make up to the point where its just hard to get anything from them.

Kurse was your standard brute. We see very little of him before he gets all suited up and even then he is a very stoic character

....and Malekith was suppose to be what? The calm and calculating guy who wants to end the universe? I didn't buy it. He looked very cool and all...but I wasn't even slightly afraid of him.

I think Marvel should look into making their villains a little bit more serious. The humor and fun is all and good, but come on! What should be a very dark, very evil and very awesome was none of the above.

This even extends to the Dark Elf soldiers - who have no problem being completely bad asses when they are killing Asgard soldiers left and right, but all of a sudden become completely inept when it comes to invading Earth.

You don't have to be dark and gritty, but Marvel needs to take its villains more seriously. This is the 3rd straight movie where they'f failed to do so, making a complete Joke out of Loki in Avengers, the Mandarian debacle (to which I won't go into detail) and now this.

Bottom line, I think Marvel needs to take their villains more seriously.

Things I Disliked

Again not much too dislike either. And most of the things in this section will seem like nitpicks.

For starters though, I really would have liked to see more of The Warriors 3, and especially Sif. These are the guys he relies on when the chips are down and we see very little of them. They are fun and interesting characters and I felt they were underutilized.

On the flip side, I really find Jane's "Warriors 3" very annoying an would have like to see less of them. Outside of Selvig they hold no significance to the movie whatsoever. Kat Denning's character especially, serves nothing but comedy relief. And while I have no problems with her performance, her character is ultimately pointless. Same with the intern guy and the guy Jane was on a date with.

I also disliked the after credit scenes, especially the 2nd one, which serves no purpose except for a half hearted chuckle. Really Marvel, that is the best you could do?

The first one wasn't bad, when we see Sif and Volstagg handing over the aether gem to the Collector, but its also slightly ruined by the fairy tell Thor/Jane cliche ending. It wasn't necessary to see that.

Finally...what was with the final fight scene with Jane's device? 90 minutes ago, they barely understood what was happening and now they can control when to warp bad guys into other worlds? ...Ok.

Things that were ok

The only thing that really stood out as mediocre to me was the score. It wasn't bad, but it was also a bit cliche. It didn't ruin the film for me, but it didn't impress me either. I can't remember off the top of my head who the composer is, but I think Marvel should look into getting better talent. I haven't been impressed with most of their musical scores.

Lastly...light saber ripoffs anyone? I mean...lightsabers are cool...but you could be a little more original.

And while I liked the final scene / twist...where the hell is Odin?

Side note: Heimdall killed a Dark Elf ship with a sword. What is Marvel fixation on medieval weapons killing aircraft. First hawkeye and now this? >_>

Things I Liked

Ok now that the bad stuff is all out of the way, lets get into the good stuff. There is plenty.

First off, I would like to congratulate Hemsworth and Portman. I HATED that romance in Thor one. They had no chemistry together. In this movie however it is clear they have improved and the relationship was solid. And while I don't necessarily like Thor and Jane's reasons for being together (that seems a bit shallow at times), I nevertheless felt emotion this time around.

Although they're not doing any favors for Thor lovers on battle forums, I thought the fight scenes were pretty well done. The Invasion of Asgard was great with Kurse infiltrating (if a bit too easily) and then Malekith sending in the cavalry.

Morever the army was competent and diverse. They had cool weapons and for a few minutes looked scary.

And while Frigga kicking Malekith's ass totally undermines his threat level, it was still cool to see a women kicking some ass. (Come on all ready Marvel/DC/anyone...we need a superheroine)

The concept of the final fight taking place across various worlds/dimensions was also a really good idea and an amazing concept. I think it could have been explored a little more, as we only saw a couple of the nine realms, but it was still very cool.

The visuals of the film were also done very well. Asgard is a beautiful world and Svartalfheim lived up to its name. The Jotunheim and Vanaheim cameos were also cool!

When given scenes, Levi, Alexander and Stevenson were also really good. Again, I wish we would have had more Warriors 3. Elba as Heimdall was also great.

Things I Loved

If there's anything that stands out about this movie, its Hemsworth and Hiddleston. Thor and Loki.

They - BY FAR - steal the show and make this movie as good as it is as far as I'm concerned.

Their performances and chemistry together is brilliant. And the characters growth, interactions and development are just awesome to watch.

Loki in particular goes through so much during this film. We see him playing his trick (loved Captain America cameo btw), we see him being a liar, we even see for the first time, his complete and utter rage. And perhaps even for a moment, we see his love for his family.

The final scene where Loki reveals himself to be on the Throne of Asgard was so awesome.

Hemsworth for me finally solidified himself in the role. I wasn't sold on him very much in the previous two movies, but I thought he improved in this one and is embodying the character much better now.

Any time these two are on the screen - pay attention. It is so awesome (we probably could have used a little more in fact =P)


Its a good movie. Better than Ironman 3. Not as good as Man of Steel in my opinion. The biggest problem as discussed is the villain is not threatening at all (IM3 has this problem too). Fortunately the main characters carry the movie very well and ultimately make it a good time.

Officially the score says 3 stars...but really its more like 3.5 (we need a half star option!). The Dark World is a nice addition to the MCU and while it didn't blow me away, it wasn't disappointing either. I recommend going to see it.

On a side note, I didn't see it in 3D and I felt nothing was lost. Don't waste your money in my opinion, it looks just as good in 2D.

Posted by Deathstroke19

Nice review.

Posted by WIshIWasSuperman

Nicely done - I didn't think you'd miss the 3D aspect. Even my GF who really did enjoy it (much more than I did) didn't think it needed to be 3D either.

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