theacidskull's Thor: God of Thunder #8 - Godbomb: Part Two of Five - God in Chains review

Is there Any More Ale Left?

Is this the Guy who Wrote Incredible Hulk? Hell no! Err i mean hel No! This was yet again another great issue by Jason arron, yeah, i said it, i haven't liked his Thanos rising, but his writing style fits Thor very much perfectly, and damn i loved this issue very much.

Esad Ribics art is breath taking, honestly, despite a few weird facial expression, the details of action senescence and body muscles is amazing, seriously, he is the perfect thor artist, and the colors fit the gritty tone of the book, which makes the experience all the more interesting.

one of the greatest Things about this issue is the well balanced transitions between the three different thors. All version seem different, but he same all together, young Thor is still an arrogant Child , a brave one mind you, but still, he is Much more childish and thinks he can take on the world easily, while the old one is much more wise an patient, but the constant "ale" requests still feel the same as thor. Also, Gorr is seriously one tough villain, honestly the guy feels like a maniac, the kind you'd never see. not Only does he enslave gods, but he also executes them horribly, and his son is basically his pale reflection, he idolizes his father like a god, which of course ironic and brilliant, though i hope Jason Aaron explains how Gorr has a son.

The Girls of Thunder were well done too, i though they were going to be your basic amand von dooms but they at least made sense, and you could see a little bit of thors characteristics in them, which was interesting. But, the Problem here is, that these girls are Thors grandchildren, and when one of the girls knocks thor on his back, they actually comment on his junk...i get that gods like to pay attention to these things, and They didn't know that Thor was their grandfather, but in the long run it was horrible creepy, also one of the girls also says that she had impure thoughts about her grandfather which makes it even more creepy. and the Biblical references really bother me, as a christian, it infuriates me a bit, this is a Story about a Norse god, so it should stay that way.

Also, Jason Aaron still went the idea of the Space sharks, but i am glad it was well executed, and it didn't trun out like the Russian space bears, * Shivers* , dear god i would not like to go through that again.

The Banter between the thors was hilarious, it's fun to see that fact that even the thors can't put up with themselves. this was yet another great issue, and i honestly enjoy it very much.

Recommendation: HAMMER SMASH!

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