the_mighty_monarch's Thor: God of Thunder #7 - Godbomb: Part One of Five - Where Gods Go to Die review

All Thors Hate Time Travel

Esad Ribic continues to basically draw with the tools of a god. Thor: God of Thunder is one of the most beautiful comic books I've ever read, and one that can still manage an amazing sense of dynamism. The specific touches to the style just make it an absolute perfect fit for the series, especially when it shows off such beyond-grand architecture.

Jason Aaron has struck a perfect balance in dialogue in all aspects. One of the most impressive feats is the way he's balanced each of the three Thors. All clearly the same person, but all with their own variations in dialogue. Each one so distinct from the other, but all three distinct as a trio of the same man. He also manages to slip in, in my opinion, the perfect amount of comedy at the right moments to break up the tension a bit and smooth out the flow.

Now that all the Thors have had their introductory battle with Gorr, it's time for the story to really move as they all converge where Gods go to die. Gorr's fortress at end of several millennia. Future Thor either drops some vague ideas or perhaps some insight to the future of Aaron's run,and Present Thor ruminates on what happened to Asgard. It makes the first arc feel like it was all setup, looping around itself to set the scene; and now the story is truly moving forwards as Gorr waits in a singular place and time for his endgame.

In Conclusion: 5/5

I struggle to find any flaws in Thor: God of Thunder, and I had almost no interest in the character prior to this. Thor is consistently among the best of my pull list, and this issue is absolutely no exception. Gorr has upped his game from butchery to a bomb that may rip through the cosmos and timeline to kill all gods that ever were and ever will be. The disjointed triple-narrative story of the first arc was leading right into this, where all the timelines converge to the end.


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