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Guess one Drink Wouldn't hurt....

Okaaaaaay.....i can't believe Jason aaron wrote this, the same guy who has been making Wolverine and the X-men, which is dead By the way, and incredible Hulk, which is beyond terrible( worse than Bruce Jones). But this? i did not expect this, in fact, i had been sure that the book would have lost steam by now, thats how this usually works, but wow, just wow. I know most people will argue, but I am being 100% COMPLETELY NONE-BIAS here, this was honestly amazing.

First things first, The art and coloring of the book was simply outstanding, Each thor varies from one another in a unique interesting way, the muscles are expertly drawn and the coloring and style is extremely gritty, which fist the title perfectly.

Jason aaron has been building up to this point for 6 issues, and just when i though that the book was about to loose steam, BAM! he makes this. Some time ago, Jason brought in a crazy weird looking character, and i personally though he was useless, but it turns out that he had one of the biggest roles in the arc, seriously the build up to it is very well executed, and the panel where the creature utters " ...god of bombs" in tears really portrays a heavy sequence for me.

The interaction for the two thors is interesting as well, in fact, jason aaron makes a very interesting difference between the three. The youngest thor is very arrogant, he is all about sex and drinking, but even so you can feel that his experience has left a huge mark on Young thor, which puts a huge highlight on the Butchers importance. The Current Thor is brave, young, and wise all-together, but still you can see his childish side in him, like when he decides to grab a drink even though the world of gods is dying. But The Old thor, the sky-father, is much more wise and tormented, but even so, his asgardian side still comes alive when he is visited by thor.

This was an amazing issue, but there were for course a few problems i had with it. at one Moment young thor is with a woman, and the the next second he is fighting naked in the woods, so the transition kinda fell flat a bit. and also when Old Thor spoils some events that are to take place in thors life seemed a but careless, since they HAVE to take place because his future self had mentioned this. But besides that, this was awesome, and i;d recommend it to both none-thor fans and thor fans.

Recommendation: YES!

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