cavemold's Thor: God of Thunder #6 - What the Gods Have Wrought review

The Sun

The Good: The motivation for Gorr comes in full circle and we see why he kills gods. The over laying theme of Godless world is a interesting story. We get to see Gorr as a child and a father and being who has suffered much. If you read this issue and look back at the previous issues it all comes together. Im also glad Jason challenged Gorr motivations in this issue. I really liked the dialogue in this issue.

The bad : Its not Esad art and it has a bit of drop off:( Some of the pages have some weird faces.

Verdict : A issue that really makes you understand Gorr position and will make you like his character even more.


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    When i first picked up This title, i was really intrigued by what was gorr's motivation, i mean, a man doesn't just set out to kill Every god in the universe just for fun, well he does enjoy is 'work' but thats not the point. Anyways, we finely get an origin story for gorr, and what he wants to do with his plans.The story, the idea of how Gorr became such a monster, is...generic, good, but unfortunately generic. I know many people would disagree with me, but the" They killed my whole family ' st...

    9 out of 10 found this review helpful.

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