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There will Always Be One God Left.

When i first picked up This title, i was really intrigued by what was gorr's motivation, i mean, a man doesn't just set out to kill Every god in the universe just for fun, well he does enjoy is 'work' but thats not the point. Anyways, we finely get an origin story for gorr, and what he wants to do with his plans.

The story, the idea of how Gorr became such a monster, is...generic, good, but unfortunately generic. I know many people would disagree with me, but the" They killed my whole family ' stick has been done to death, but as i said, this was not a bad origin story. In fact, this was somewhat interesting, Gorr hadn't always been like this, he had been a protector, but due to the fact that no one answered his prayers , mixed with the fact that his mother was devoured and his family died, drove him over the edge. though i wasn't particularly fond of how gorr got his powers, it was still interesting. He got his powers by Random( you'll see for yourself), but he didn't care , and he didn't need to know any more than that , because he doesn't care, he has the power, know he needs only a motive, which he already has. But It still seemed bizarre and totally random, so thats a point against aaron on this one, and he should really work on this, because he does this type of thing a lot.

There is not much to be said about this book other than the fact that it was a great read, and with an interesting twist at the end( gorr is defiantly a serious threat) , if he kills every god, then what will become of him? won't he be a good? as seen from this issue, this little bit of info will be mentioned again.

The Art was solid, the textures are great and the actions scenes are awesome. i would have preferred Ribic but this was definitely a good substitute.

Overall this was a solid issue, and i would still recommend it even though there was a big plot hole. i debated on what to grade this and i decided that 3.5 seemed accurate, though i might change it again.

Recommendation: sure

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