theacidskull's Thor: God of Thunder #5 - The God Butcher, Part Five of Five: Dream of a Godless Age review



Again, i'll admit that i have never been that much of a thor fan, i though he was cool but he wasn't that kind of character i would read upon, but damn this is amazing. Well done Aaron, SO FAR this has been a tremendous run. And now for the issue itself.

Esad Ribics are was especially good in particular there were no DERP faces of thor or any other character( none that i could find anyways, or not that is particularly noticeable) , and the god butchers looks awesome. The textures and colors mix very well, thors and gorrs muscles are very detailed. The art puts a gritty and interesting feel to the book, which is good of course since the whole book is supposed to have a dark setting. The Fights scenes are very well executed and it is a great spectacle.

Now as for the plot, Jason aaron manages to yet again surprise me with how well he manages the transitions between present, past and future. Though in this issue in particular it felt a bit weak, maybe it's just me but i didn't feel as good as it could have been. However, on the bright side , Gorr still feels like a serious threat and there are some mysteries to his plans which keeps the reader interested, and we constantly see thor struggling to fight gorr off and save his fellow gods.

But, there was one thing i was disappointing with though, when the ideas that something had happened in the cave was introduced, i though it would have been something that would give birth to something much more psychological and it was. Sure thor was tortured and thus reflected how tough he was even when he was younger, but then he is easily saved and just kills gorr. This isn't bad but it could have been so much more, it had much more potential. for example, thor could have cracked and told gorr the location to some of the other gods, This, out of guilt, would hunt him for a long time, and because of this, he could have been as tough as he grew up to be in the present marvel universe, or something similar. but other than that, this was an amazing book.

Recommendation : INDEED!

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