pyrogram's Thor: God of Thunder #5 - The God Butcher, Part Five of Five: Dream of a Godless Age review


This was a superb issue, we learn about Gorr's motives and how he perceives the gods , We Learn Thor has very strong willpower to not give up while be tortured. The story just made you want to read through it as quick as possible to know the next phase, it was brilliant. The story-line following 3 different Thor's was done perfectly, it cut to a different Thor just at the correct moments, The art was amazing, it is a unique style that in the first issue was a little hard to get used to , but now once I have read the story this is the perfect art for a story that makes Thor seem like a God , not just a strongman. This Art is possibly the best in Marvel Now for its uniqueness. This is a must read for Thor fans and Marvel fans alike.


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    The Second Showdown 0

    With this issue, we close out our first story arch, or so the book claims. See, this really just progresses on to another portion of the story, which certain isn't bad, but leaves this issue feeling less like the "conclusion" it's supposed to and more like a means of setting up for what's to come.We finally get to see what Gorr has been planning all along, as well as how he's gotten to this point (which was rather unexpected to me), and it's pretty fascinating, if not a little out there. I know ...

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