dark_noldor's Thor: God of Thunder #4 - The God Butcher, Part Four of Five: The Last God in Asgard review

Don't close your eyes to forever

Looking into the past you can make out of it two paths or lessons: don't repeat the same mistakes or cling to the pain and errors of your life, which will only guide to bitterness and madness. Since Jason Aaron hasn't shed much light of Gorr's true nature and motives, it's yet undetermined whether Future Thor followed the first or second path, but it's certain to assume Present Thor will have to prove his value in the coming battle against the God Butcher, if he has any hope of avoiding Future Thor's dark days to come. Though there were some good moments in this issue, I really hoped to see a wider development in Past Thor's horror hour in the Butcher's cave and, frankly, seeing Future Thor as a nordic Sisyphus was interesting and a little cliche/boring, all at the same time (reminded me of Odin trapped in another dimension fighting Surtur day after day untill the end, meaning, forever).But definitely seeing Future Thor abandon all hope, with all his inner thoughts sounding weaker and tired, like when the Blacksmith who no longer can hammer down in the anvil, seeing that the ageless years of battle finally collected it's toll on him, that was, perhaps, the best portrait of this issue. Ribic's art is beyond words, very solid pages, his Present Thor is one of the best I've ever seen and the scenes of Future Thor were quite good too. I finished this issue, not as enthusiastic as I did with the last one, but knowing that the bread crumbs path Aaron is leaving for us is definitely getting somewhere. Aaron finished this chapter giving Present Thor some leads of how to track down Gorr, but could it be that this time travel spanning will prove that we are a product of our past or that we can shape the future into whatever one wants, if proved to have the bravery or will to do it so? Future, Present and Past must join forces to put down an end to all this foul, murder and pain Gorr is inflicting across the ages. Will Thor be the answer to it? Hope that next chapter we will have more developments and revelations of the plot.

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    This issue simply offers a lot more of what I love; great side characters (Shadrack is so interesting, in a twisted manner), cool new places to explore, the enemosity between Thor and Ghorr is strong in all the right ways, encouraging the narratives right along, we never spend too much time in one time period and all the transitions from one to the other are practically seamless... It's great. And though I'm not the biggest fan of how this issue ended, it still keeps me at the edge of my seat, l...

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