theacidskull's Thor: God of Thunder #4 - The God Butcher, Part Four of Five: The Last God in Asgard review

Go To Hell..... Oops I Meant Hel!

I've never liked Thor in my entire life, until now. honestly, i adore this book. i don't even know where to begin. Ok, first things first, the transitions between past, present and future are very well handled, the flow feels naturally and more importantly it doesn't feel like your getting cut off the main story, in fact, the transitions happen in such a well adjusted manner than your stuck with the main events through the book. Moreover, I love Gorr, i seriously like him as the villain here, he malevolent, brutal , smart , savage and a great opponent from thor. You know it's hard to imagine how thor, the mighty god of thunder could possible struggle so much, but seeing him against such great odds makes it all the more awesome! in fact , one of my favorite parts of the book was at the begging of the issue, when we see an older and wiser thor. The scene includes a unique type of torture, which is keeping thor alive. The old thor had watched everyone he loved die at the hands of the god butcher, and now he just can't keep up the fight anymore....some things are even too much for the god of thunder, and i love that, i love that thor has to fight and struggle in order to achieve victory! it is exactly this type of physical and psychological trauma that makes a book a lot more colorful.

as for the art, it was amazing, there so no weird faces or anything, the fight scenes were badass and thors all three thor designs were awesome! especially enjoyed the way blood and damage was drawn, it actually made me thing " gee thanks gotta hurt", which is what an artist should be able to do!

Gorr is on his quest to demolish all gods, and as seen and heard form future thor! he accomplishes his goal! now the god of thunder must do everything he can to put a stop to the god butcher........why did that sound like an advertisement? anyways this was an awesome new issue, and i am very surprised that jason is doing such a great job.

Recommendation: Yes!


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