Thor: God of Thunder #4

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The Good

The first few pages of this issue are absolutely phenomenal. I love the way that Jason Aaron is giving readers the perpective from a much older, more mature Thor who is reflecting on his life, his past, and the decisions that he's made. We also get some hints about the fact that the situation he is in now, and the adversary he is facing in his old age is a product of his actions from when he was much younger. It's very interesting to see Thor's journey through the ages as he sets out to eradicate this God killer and how his decisions led him to where he is now in his old age.

Writer Jason Aaron also shows readers a different, far more vulnerable side to Thor which readers aren't so used to seeing. This is what I found to be one of the more compelling points in this issue. In this scene we see a hard-headed, very stubborn Thor but also one that is really sort of broken. More than any other issue before it, this issue really does a fantastic job relaying to reader's Thor's journey to destruction. How did he become a broken God? There's a lot of emphasis on the decisions he made and the way his personality evolved from when he was a young, stubborn God of Thunder.

This is definitely one of the more creepy Thor stories I have read, but one that still manages to walk the line of fantasy. To help emphasize that sort of creepy, horror feel is Esad Ribic's art which, when paired with Ive Svorcina's pencils, is simply perfect for this issue.

The Bad

It's hard to say anything bad about this series. I really loved this issue.

The Verdict

Even though readers are jumping around a lot in this comic, it still feels pretty organized. Jason Aaron takes readers exploring from one time period to the next and throughout Thor's life, and he does it in a way that is easy to understand. It's obvious that all of Thor's actions are connected, and that there are repercussions to the decisions he makes early in his career as the God of Thunder, and I love the story that Jason Aaron is weaving. Esad Ribic also brings this sort of horror element to this issue through his fantastic art; capturing a full range of the character's emotions in his illustrations. It's dark, dreary but truly epic and beautiful. I love the story in this series and I definitely cannot wait to see what happens next.

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