pyrogram's Thor: God of Thunder #2 - The God Butcher, Part Two of Five: Blood in the Clouds review

Young Thor...

This gave a very good depth into Young Thor. It showed us him trying to pick up the hammer.

It gives us a good insight into This Thor, It does not do much for Future Thor but that can be forgotten as it mainly resides in Past Thor.

The Plot was good, maybe not as engaging as Part 1. But it served its purpose. Again, this was good establishment for Young Thor and we see him have a few fight scenes, The Beautiful art helped to capture these. Very very nice.

A must read for Thor fans.


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    The first issue of this series was brilliant and after Jason Aaron's disappointing run on his Incredible Hulk series I was happy to see that this series didn't follow that trend. It has also been nice to see a different take in a Thor series and I like how this series so far has been nothing like any other Thor series I've read.PlotThis fight between Thor and the God Butcher from last issue is halted this issue as we go back to Thor's earlier years. This issue sees Thor's first encounter with th...

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