cyclops4president's Thor: God of Thunder #10 - Godbomb: Part Four of Five - To The Last God review

THOR GOD OF THUNDER: GODBOMB PART FOUR (2 Hammers are better than 1!)

COVER ART: 5/5 Cover "artist" ESAD RIBIC and colorist IVE SVORCINA keep giving us top tier covers with each issue. The striations in the muscles of Thor as well in Gorr the God Butcher is beautiful. The way Esad was able to draw such a dynamic struggle and all this movement in a stationary image is real talent. The way Thor's leg is wrapped around Gorr's and how he has his arm torqued back with Gorr's weird leg hand struggling to push against Thor's leg makes me almost feel the tension and torque being applied in this move. The look on Gorr's face is of true anger and pain. The shine coming off of Thor's leg armor makes it look as if it is a picture of real steel. The light effect from Thor's hammer Mjolnir is amazing. I love everything about this cover.

STORY ARC: 5/5 JASON AARON is a masterful story teller. When you read this issue, or if you have already read it, you will notice you will fly through this issue in no time. This is truly an artists issue. I can just imagine what Jason must have done to prepare this issue, eliminating himself with excessive dialogue and allowing the picture to tell the majority of the story.

We pick this issue up from a failed attempt by the 3 Thor's to destroy Gorr the God Butcher in a 3 to 1 battle in the sky that shook the whole planet to the core. Gorr was victorious and Thor's hammers fell from the sky. The first page of this issue shows what is happening to the future King Thor. He is "nailed" to a comet with Gorr's black symbiotic power and the present Thor the Avenger is falling through a crevasse in the planet to the planets core. We see both present and future Thor's Mjolnirs caged in a dome of Gorr's black symbiotic power with Gods glued to it like flies glued to a fly trap. The young Thor, beat and spent is being dragged by Gorr by his hair like a doll toward the GODBOMB, which is about to go off any moment.

What we see next is very interesting. What we see is the turn of the tide. Everything Gorr despises, Gods, he has become. As Gorr is dragging the young Thor to the GODBOMB, his wife, the love of his life, approaches with worry in her voice. She was terrified of loosing Gorr in the battle with the 3 Thor's and now begins to praise Gorr and the end of his journey of butchering Gods. She cannot wait to be able to be a family again with Gorr and their son. She cries with happy tears and states that through all this time she believed only in Gorr, and believed he would make amends for what the Gods had done to him, and that he, Gorr, was her GOD! Well, she should not have said that. Gorr the God Butcher is not longer a man, he is the monster. He kills his own wife with her own head appendage by cramming it down her throat proclaiming "I am no one's God". Gorr's son looses his mother. He has lost his father to the monster within, the darkness.

Gorr's son is no fool though. He realizes there will nothing left of anything once that GODBOMB goes off when he sees his mothers dead hand reaching from under the surface of the ground. He knows his father must be stopped. And with his mother no longer "worshiping" Gorr like a God, Gorr's powers actually diminish. This is a critical part of this story, as Gorr does not believe he is a God, but nonetheless, the Gods receive their power from the people that worship them in part.

Gorr is about to activate the GODBOMB with the blood of the young Thor, but Gorr needs more God blood. As he is about to rip the heart out of young Thor's chest, young Thor reaches up and bites the eye right out of Gorr's head, and is subsequently tossed like a rocket out of the GODBOMB.

We see Present Thor the Avenger holding on to a rock for dear life when he is approached by Gorr's son. Gorr's son monologues Thor on why his father started this journey but the father he knew and loved is gone, and he knows now that he must be destroyed. Thor, barely listening, sees that there are weapons all along and inside the surface of the planet, probably from all the slain Gods. When Thor reaches a sword, Gorr's young son proclaims that his father must be stopped and he knows Thor must do it, so he choses to pray for the God of Thunders victory! This is crucial. With Gorr's prayers now lost and Thor's prayers enhanced, the enchantment of Gorr's symbiotic power lessens and both Mjolnirs fly from their prison to the hands of both their owners. Game on Gorr!

Young Thor retrieves Jarnbjorn, his mystical axe and does heavy damage with it. King Thor returns full of glory and Thunder to the surface with a large boom and present Thor the Avenger flies from beneath and through the surface like a spewing volcano. Present Thor and King Thor fly into the GODBOMB to battle Gorr. King Thor slams Gorr into the pool of God blood below and in an act of awesomeness, he relinquishes his own hammer to present Thor the Avenger while he is holding Gorr the God Butcher down in the blood. Thor the Avenger is now double hammered and does what he knows best, hammers the $h!t out of the GODBOMB until it, and everything inside of it (including both present and future Thor along with Gorr) just vanish as if they all imploded. Amazing.

STORY ART: 5/5 The art in this is absolutely breathtaking. This is truly an artists issue. Everyone is drawn with such care and power, with all the details and accuracy of a supreme talent. My hands off to the artistic team of this book. Artistically, this is one of my favorite Marvel Now and actually all of the 20 comics I pull weekly including all the DC comics as well. I find myself rereading these comics weekly just to reexperience the art.

FINAL VERDICT: 5/5 This story is amazing. The art is amazing. Buy this book and treasure it as well as the series.

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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review, though this was a little slow paced for me (I gave it a 4).

Edited by isaac_clarke

I think it has less to do with Gorr losing power - since it is all seemingly derived from the God's he kills (as shown in the last issue - albeit to be more specific god blood) and more so his son - who to an extent showed some control over Gorr's constructs prior (calling in black-beserkers to take young Thor away). Gorr's son makes a request from Thor to perform a select task, releasing the hammers and allowing the Thors to get their much needed second wind.

As far as Marvel goes - prayer doesn't seem to do much for Gods in power. Otherwise that world that started worshipping Thor after he prevented it from blowing up last issue would have given him some sort of definitive upgrade in power.

Edited by Cyclops4President


maybe the word "prayer" was used when I should have probably used the word "faith".

Don't you think it ironic that as soon as the one person with so much "faith" in Gorr died, while simultaneously on the same planet, someone placed their "faith" in Thor. But this is almost a numbers game. 2 people (non-gods) had "faith" in Gorr on the planet. 0 people (non-gods) had "faith" in Thor on the planet. When Gorr killed his wife, he threw away his advantage of "faith". 2 people went to 1 and 1 went to 0 when his son switched his faith from his father Gorr to Thor. But that 1 was actually 3 because there are 3 Thors right now on the planet. So Gorr went from having twice as much "faith power" as Thor on the planet to Thor having THREE times more faith power than Gorr on the planet. THIS is what allowed the hammers to be released and the symbiotic constructs to loose some of their effectiveness.

I don't think it really had anything to do with the son's control or use of the symbiotic constructs, even though he was showed to have a small amount of control over these constructs, and much more to do with this concept of "faith". This is why I think this issue is so interesting. I think it was done in a very sophisticated way.

@johnkmccubbin91 slow paced? how so? this was constantly moving for me. to each his own.

Edited by isaac_clarke

@cyclops4president: Either one really doesn't seem to support the argument of where that power comes from. It's not like anyone was worshipping (or had faith in) Thor in that future universe and the three Thors operated just fine.

The entire planet that swallows Thor up was a construct of Gorr's weapon - the reason that child could even appear there and prevent Thor from falling is because he has some basic control over it. It's an inherited power - similar to Thor's ability to manipulate the earth / planet that he used to keep that other world from shattering - but it's clearly there.

Eitherway I haven't read a book where faith has really done anything for the Marvel gods - it's allowed their worshippers to get benefits, whether those are superhuman attributes or not being affected by the Chaos King's sleepwave - but outside that the Gods themselves don't seem to get anything out of it. If there is anything contrary to this opinion I haven't seen it on panel.

Posted by Cyclops4President

@isaac_clarke: I don't believe the entire planet is a Gorr construct. It is a regular, normal planet I believe. Just because there hasn't been a palatable representation of "faith" as it relates to Thor in the past doesn't mean that it isn't there and it isn't there now. Because all 3 Thor's are present on the same planet, this "faith" theory enables and enhances all 3 Thor's simultaneously while the loss of "faith" for Gorr corresponds to the ability of the 3 Thor's magical enchantments of Mjolnir to break free of Gorr's constructs. The son is a key factor either way, but the Aaron wouldn't make it a point to have the son have this long monologue on why he is loosing faith in his father and is now going to "pray" for Thor! Why else would Aaron choose the word and action "pray"? For people with "faith" praying is the activity that takes the peoples faith from an idea in some head and their heart to a REAL conversation with the deity with whom the person has "faith" in. I think you are giving the son more credit than he deserves with the constructs and less credit to the sophisticated writing and underlying themes that Aaron is obviously trying to portray in this issue. Not everything is face value.

Posted by isaac_clarke


T: GOT #9

Gorr's weapon has already shown to extend to solar sizes on command simply to fight the three Thors and his constructs made from that weapon have acted perfectly independently from light-years away - the idea that he can create a planet isn't at all unrealistic given his showings. If anything the fact he splits is clear open with a thought just to toss present Thor into it only supports that quote above the world itself was his weapon - the fact his son can find Thor / appear there also implies a relationship between that power and said world.

If Gorr was really experiencing a lapse of power - then the Elder Thor should have easily freed himself without the aid of Mjolnir to shatter that asteroid construct that was likely taking most of it's power from him (Thor) himself given the god-blood relation made last book.

I love theory - but in this case there just isn't based off anything I've personally read - much less anything mentioned in this story arc. Prayer in Marvel only prompts said god to hear what you're saying, it doesn't do anything else thus far - much less empower the god further.

The use of prayer is what Gorr's son was doing - he was asking a god to stop his father - something he himself cannot do. It's all signifying how the most loyal to Gorr realize he's gone too far and want him stopped. Eitherway the son was a plot device to get the Gods of Thunder in play again - but nothing about this dialogue implies Thor suddenly gained more power and that Gorr lost power.

Posted by Cyclops4President

@isaac_clarke: This is why I rated this issue a 5/5. Jason Aaron has created an opportunity for some much interpretation in this issue that it appeals to everyone. Someone like you who might look at things a little different that I can both get something different and both be right at the same time. Excellent work on your point of view as I have that point of view as well.

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