delphic's Thor: God of Thunder #1 - The God Butcher, Part One of Five: A World Without Gods review

New Life for the God of Thunder

It's not very often that I will venture outside of Spider-man when it comes to Marvel Comics, but after a recommendation from a friend I decided that I would give Thor: God of Thunder a shot. With the Marvel Now! relaunch we have what I consider to be a rather interesting take on the God of Thunder, and I've never been a fan of him before. In issue #1 of the series we start off with a story call the God Butcher, and it is a story that traverses Thor's past, present, and future as he fights a battle against a sort of mythical serial killer that targets gods, and I don't mean just Norse god, but any god. Pretty much meaning if you are divine in nature and lower being worship you then you're on the butchers list. It is a very clever tale that is expertly executed, and even though the story is broken up into transitions between past, present, and future it still flows and does not feel forced. One of the best things about this issue is that I really have nothing to complain about. If I had to complain about anything it would be that the issue was great, it was just not mind-blowing, but that is not a bad thing. Marvel Now! is all about relaunching their titles putting a new spin on their characters and at the same time introducing the character to new readers. Thor God of Thunder does an excellent job of doing just that, and if you've ever been interested in the God of Thunder, but never quite knew when to jump on, then let me tell you this is the issue you need to pick up.


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