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The immortal city of Asgard suddenly seems quite mortal, as Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor discover. The God of Thunder must lead what is left of the Asgardians into their (likely) final battle!

Hearing Thor's call, Captain America and Iron Man come to his aid in Asgard "home of the gods". Walking through a battlefield they survey the dead and try to figure out what happened before they arrived. How does Thor not know? Hmm... Sifting through some of the rubble Captain America notices that there's a young boy trapped under a pile of wood. He frees the rubble and swaddles the kid. They begin questioning him as to what happened on the battlefield. Immediately Thor assumes that it was the work of trolls but the kid corrects them--It was Loki and his goons.

Just as the kid advises them of their doing another battle ensues with Loki and his crew. Thor calls Loki out and challenges him to a one-on-one. Loki declines and sends Ulik and Fenris after them. Captain gets bit by Ulik during the fight. Loki and friends retreat after a long battle.

Afterwards Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America head for town. They arrive and find themselves in the middle of a funeral for a fallen soldier in the battle. The funeral is for Balder, Thor's brother. Thor is upset and calls for his mother Frigga. Thor gives a motivating speech for all those that still remain in his service, he seeks revenge for all of the injustice.

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