dark_noldor's Thor #621 review

The Root of Problems

I think the World Eaters concept was pretty good, involving a mysterious alien race destined to conquer all the 9 realms and defeat Odin -  seeing him back in action was very good too. Also Fraction did some interesting dialogues, especially the ones between Odin and Thoth. The art was ok too, lot´s of wide spread panels, pretty colors. And that´s enough of the compliments. This arc story started very nice, had some good issues, but since last issue it turned out to be just another dose of the same old, boring formula. Please don´t do an arc of Yggdrasil if it´s not going to be at least at the same level of the one Ellis and Deodato did back at the 90s. Also, if the problem was the World Ash Tree growing roots, why didn´t Asgard returned to it´s proper place after Thor´s action? Wrapping up, a rain of blood? Blood Legion? Terrible concepts, especially because issue # 619 ended just with the coming threat of Thoth coming closer and in issue # 620 Odin had already planned this nonsense of Asgardian Blood Colossus thing - where´s the transition? There isn´t none. That´s the problem when you´re doing something and you´re not concetrated in it, only thinking in the next big thing (talking about Fear Itself), so worried about the future, you forgot the present. Bad conclusion, bad arc story, bad end, I do not recommend this.
2 out 5


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