hrdwrkngxsoldier's Thor #608 - Siege: Ragnarok, Part 2 review


THOR #608

It was good to catch up with Volstag after missing him in Siege Embedded.   I really believe he is the greatest of the warriors three.   I don’t think there is an Asgardian with a bigger heart….or stomach.    We get an opportunity to watch the throw-down between Volstag and Ragnarok.   Whether he knows it or not, Volstag can talk trash with the best of them.

One of the other story threads through the issue is Hood and the Norn Stones.   He did get a major power boost.   And we get to see some character development from the Norse God of War, as he cowers from his supposed future.

The writing in this issue was great, the art popped with all the booms, bams, thunder, lightning, and explosions that should happen when gods wage war.   This was easily my second favorite Siege book so far this month

4 out of 5 Clors    

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