dr__detfink's Thor #605 - Latverian Prometheus: Part 2 review

Thor #605: Doom's day

The God of Thunder Storms the gates of Doom's castle, the Asgardians rally around their king, and Loki thinks he may be able to save the life of his sister. Only saving Loki's sister may require extracting something from Doctor Doom. Unknownst to Thor, Doom has a familiar armored nemesis that has always given him more trouble than most immortals can handle.
Don't worry if you missed out on JMS' final issue in Giant Sized Thor, Thor #605 picks up right where the last issue picked up at Doom's castle. The Asgardians are onto Doom's betrayal. When Doom and Loki were a part of the Cabal, Loki manipulated Baldur into moving Asgard to Latveria where they would be protected under Doom. Keep in mind, the sudden rebirth of the Asgardian race has made for some curious developments. For example, if Loki and Thor remember Doom why doesn't the rest of the Asgardians? Unless Asgardians are about as ignorant as some humans when it comes to current events? 
Doom's ruse was spoiled by the heroic acts of Oklahoma's finest William who died but not before alerted Baldur and sounded the alarm. Hence, here we go...Thor vs. Doom.  
Tucked within this issue is more insight into Asgardian biology. We get a little more insiht into the workings of the Odin force.
Gillen and Tan are basically the mop up team after MJS bolted for DC. They did a tremendous job with the follow through until Fraction and JRJr take over. While we all know neither Doom nor Thor will be irrevocably changed from this encounter, this explained why Asgard was conveniently BACK in Oklahoma during the Siege Special #1. 
Rating: Buy it. Sure, I'm going to guess Thor uses his own life force to take control of Doom's newfound toy (its been done before) but its still going to be a righteous action ride.

Posted by BestChanceThor

Kelda is Loki's sister?

Edited by Dr. Detfink
@BestChanceThor: Well, not exactly blood brother but as she confronts Doom (Giant Sized Thor Finale #1) she said, "Where is the Jackal brother, the lie-father, where is Loki?" I should have been clearer with the  context of breathen when I wrote that.
Posted by BestChanceThor

ohh ok lol. I just thought I must have missed something but it makes sense now. I'm glad that someone is reviewing these Thor issues because it is consistently one of the best books out every month. Good review!

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