kfhrfdu_89_76k's Thor #58 - Standoff, Part 1 review

Lo, ye verily should think twice about buying this to theeself.

Is that the correct grammar? If it isn`t, I really don`t care.

BTW, this is a horrible, horrible review.

Bit of the plot.

This is the first chapter, in a three part crossover-story between Thors, Iron mans and Captain Americas mags. In this one, a bunch of innocent people are slaughtered by a few fascists in a made up country. They beg for Thor to save their country. And Thor is going to do precisely that.

What I think of the story.

The art is by Alan Davis, who`s a good artist. His current style doesn`t do much for me, though. Too clean. I mean, it has its pros too, but I don`t like his current style as much as his 80`s style. But still, he tells what you need to know, with his pictures. He uses different, dramatic angles. He bloody hell knows how to draw. So, I guess that I`m saying, that they could`ve chosen a lot worse.

He uses way too many splash pages, though. He could`ve made at least 2 out of 4 of them smaller, without damaging the story.

Written by Dan Jurgens. This is the only issue of Thor I`ve read. As a result, I`ve stumbled in to the middle of a story. A story I might, possibly, even want to see more of. Or maybe not.

But more about the writing. It`s fine. It`s very much like 70`s Marvel, except that the story has bigger panels, and there`s modern bits of writing scattered around the story.

The issue itself, works as the first act of the three part story at hand, and is mostly talking. Pointless talking, talking that moves the plot forward, actually cool talking, boring talking...

All that talking doesn`t really improve teh issue, which is not what I expect or want from a Thor-comic. The imaginative god-stuff is played down. That stuff is here also, though, and they happen to be the best parts of the issue. The rest of it is an action story. Nothing wrong about that, though. Nothing spectacular, either.

Colors are pretty good.

You could say that this pretty childish comics. You could also say that this is a pretty nice all ages comic. Both are true, since this is something taht you can give to your, I dunno, 8 year old kid without scarring him for life ( The slaughtering scene at the beginning? No blood. No dramatic, distressing atmosphere.* That`s cool. )

I don`t care about these fictive countries that only appear for a blink of an eye, and then disappear. Fortunately, the place simply works as one of the settings for the story.

What I also don`t like? Generic comic tyrants ( I don`t like generic tyrants of our world either). Anyways, the subdued country is, naturally, ruled by one. He doesn`t show up in this ish though. Fortunately. At least not yet.

It`s got Dr. Doom. That`s...fine. Especially since Latveria is nearby.

There`s this cool scene that has Heimdall listening to stuff around the globe, or just the city. Or maybe USA. It`s not clarified.

The cliffhanger is not all that shocking, and it didn`t make me giddy.

Should you read it?

Not necessarily. I`m not sure if you should buy it. Sure, it`s part of a story that defined the relationship between Iron Man, Thor and Captain America (for a few months or years), but it really isn`t worth your money. Or maybe it is, since the only place where you can find this one, is in a back issue bin. Or from someones place, who already has this.

*Which your kid might be able to handle, but I dunno if he/she/she-he/(a kid with no gender at all, if that`s possible, and I`d think it is) can.


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